By Father Philaret 

mirror 3864155 1920Do you ever wonder why you love someone at first sight or are afraid of something for no reason? Do physical problems or depression recur without apparent cause? Many answers lie in the past. There is a method for accessing these causes and, if needed, negating their effects.

We are aware beings, aware at all times. Many people have told stories of their birth and of their prenatal time. Many have spoken of what doctors have said during surgery or told what was experienced when they died on the operating table. Though we are aware, we are not always conscious able to process our experiences.

When this happens, our body stores these experiences. When we store memories that have confusion, pain, fear, grief, etc, problems can occur. Our memories, experiences in life are recorded more in our bodies than in our brains.

Actually, our bodies contain œbrain matter?. In massage, yoga, and other therapies, it is not uncommon to experience emotional release by œwaking up? these memories. They can even be memories from past lives. These memories are often partial, leaving us with just the emotional memory? or a strange feeling?. It is good to be able to fully see and experience them. Bringing them into the light of wisdom. This is all part of making life more wonderful, on a profound level.Image Release the True Self

This is where it is beneficial to bring up these imbedded emotions, traumas, and memories in a Past Life Teraphy “session”. These memories often involve intense, painful situations earlier this life, sometimes in prenatal times or before! Desires and conflicts often show beginnings centuries old. The fights we have with loved ones are often old fight that were not resolved. When a person begins this journey, it is helpful to have a partner, a fellow traveler; someone experienced in dealing with these situation. Having full recall of these events is only the first part of the journey. It is the resolving of the trauma, letting go on a cellular level where the healing takes place.

I have met people who have had fairly clear memories of the past – even past lives, yet their problems from those events are still with them. Fixing these problems is a science we all can (and do) learn.

It is not all pain and suffering we find in a PLT session?. We also find high purpose, noble deeds, and great love, enduring for centuries. It is very natural to remember our prenatal time or past lives. Trauma from the past can cloud the memory, but the Sun of Awareness still shines and we can go œabove the clouds? Just as in the sunlight, there can be no darkness, so also, when we fully see the events of our past with our illumed minds, the darkness of confusion, pain, fear, and grief are dispelled.

A Short Case Study

A client, Paul (his name has been changed) complained of stomach pains and insomnia at night. I found that in 10th century England he had been ambushed, mutilated, and died. That, in itself, was not the problem. Paul had been unable to say goodbye or make arrangements for his daughters welfare. Intense fear had woken up the old hurt. By going into all aspects of the situation, he was able to resolve these issues and later even met his daughter! This gave actual proof that she was ok. Both the insomnia and the stomach pains healed.

* Father Philaret is a priest and monk of the South Indian Orthodox Church. He is the director of the Los Angeles Sivananda Yoga Center and have been trained under Dr. Netherton – who founded and maintains teaching institutes in the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Brazil, Canada, and India. 

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