By Conceicao Trucom / Translation:Julia Melim

oleos banhoWell, taking care of your skin can be done in two ways: internal and the external. For an internal detox you can change eating habits by drinking natural fruit juices and teas, and also have positive thoughts through meditation, which are going to enable a body detox, by ourging the internal wastes, transforming them, and healing the body. The other one is the external detox, which is the purpose of this story – the rituals of taking care of your own skin that define a new lifestyle, or better yet, a new quality of life.

Rituals are not a routine, but a purpose, or a disciplined commitment, They should not be practiced as a monotonous duty, but we should find pleasure in being relieved and see the rituals as a joyful experience, full of discoveries about yourself and discoveries of new perceptions and sensibilities.

One of the best things in the path to spirituality is the search for a reconnection with your internal “self”. We need to create daily rituals full of energy and self-love. No matter what the journey is, the discipline and these daily rituals will help us find the path to our self-balance.

Laziness is one of the capital sins and the opposite of spirituality. Laziness is our own worst enemy and our darkest shadow. Instead of simply fulfilling duties without paying attention to your actions, a ritual gives you a sense of purpose, and presence (being present) to our actions. The rituals exalt our conscience, our sensibility and our receptivity. We can only find results of cleansing and purification by being present.

Each person has different eating habits, work schedules, hygiene habits, ways of meditating, or preparing their food. However, all these actions can be taken from the ordinary to the sacred, giving our lives a sense of purpose: where our bodies transcend and become truly respected as a temple through our experience of elevation. You do not have to practice all the rituals that I suggest, but select those that you enjoy the most to practice on a daily basis. After a month, you can alternate them.


Brushing your skin

tecnica para tratar celuliteChose the best moment in the day, and take a break for at least 10 minutes to take care of your body. Adopt the ritual of brushing your dry skin with a soft bristle brush. Your skin is an organ of elimination and deserves special attention.

We should do everything in out power to stimulate our circulation, keep our pores open and clean and have a fresh skin. That means cleaning the dead cells, as well as redirecting the toxins on the surface, activating the production of new cells. Brushing your whole body will stimulate the circulation and create a feeling of renovation, freshness and vitality. Suggestion: Keep the brush on the bedside. It is amazing to wake up in the morning with this special massage.


Conscious shower

What is the most common moment of intimacy that human beings have with themselves in a conscious state? Without a doubt, it is when they are taking a shower. It should be the moment to get to know your body, see yourself and find a new dimension for yourself.

Nowadays, the sacred moment of taking a shower, which has such a profound meaning, has list its meaning and has been forgotten by the majority of Western cultures, It should be revisited. It does not matter how long you will take in the shower, but your capacity to transform even a quick shower into a conscious act of being in contact with who you are.

The shower could last as 10 minutes, but it is the quality of that matters. During this short period, you ca be present, reflect on your life, cleanse your body and harmonize your energies, while in touch with your body. Use the shower as a rediscovery of yourself.

It is time to relax, change your attitude and see the shower, as it really is, a beautiful cleansing and purifying ritual. The warm water (never hot water) simulated the pores to open the channels where the toxins can be released. The brushing will clean out the dead cells, and the warm shower will open the pores and relax your body.

The water has healing properties: it is called hydrotherapy. You can practice this kind of therapy under a shower, or if you have time, you could take a bath, which would be even better. Many details could make this ritual more intimate and fun. You can use candles, music and aromas. Actually, using essences is the key, and you can use a soap made of vegetable glycerin, clay and herbs.



kkkThis is not advised as a daily habit, but it is a good practice when your routine is out of control and your going beyond your body’s limits. Underlying message: stop, relax, detoxify and go to sleep. The toxins of our body also follow the law of gravity like everything else, which means they are accumulated in the legs, feet and hands; and are normally released gradually through the skin. When used in a “feet-scald” or “bitter salt” as it is commonly known, also found in bath salts – dissolves the toxins and they are eliminated in the water. Using magnesium sulfate is recommended for extreme cases where it should be used in a “feet-scald” or in a bath.

Its energetic property: It purifies and regenerates.

How to practice: Close the doors and windows to avoid cold air currents. Avoid unnecessary movements, conversations and the presence of people who are not related to the treatment. Use a container or bucket (not made of plastic) big enough that will fit your feet comfortably. Fill the container with hot water (less than 40 degrees Celsius or 104 degrees Fahrenheit) in a way that will completely cover your ankles.

Dissolve 2 to 5 spoons (soup spoons) of magnesium sulfate. Sit comfortable wearing comfortable clothes and cover your knees. Immerse your feet slowly into the water, and cover your legs with a towel. Wear swear a sweatshirt or use a blanket to cover your back. In the end, put your feet under cold water to interrupt the process of corrosion of toxins. Dry your feet well, wear socks and go straight to bed, covering your body adequately. It is recommended to drink a full glass of warm water before beginning the scald, and keep a cold water towel on your forehead during the scald, sending blood to other areas of your body. Change the towel every time it gets warm.

Frequency: One time or more per week, usually at night, before going to sleep, until your anxiety symptoms have disappeared. It should last about 10-15 minutes, but not more than that so that be toxins released do not return to your body.

Immersion Bath: In order to complete the purification ritual of the “feet-scald”, once a month you can also take an immersion bath, in a bathtub or “ofuro”. The quantity of magnesium sulfate can vary from 7 to 10 spoons (soup spoons), according to the height and weight of each person. You can add medicinal herbs, essential oils, and aromas to complement the therapeutic property of the salt. In order to hydrate the body, add 5 or 6 drops of sweet almond oil into the water. This bat should also not last very long (10-15 minutes) and it is important that you shower with clean water after you are done with the bath.

Suggestions of medicinal herbs:

Chamomile – You will notice the results of this bath immediately, because it gives you a profound sensation of relaxation and cleansing of your skin.

Mint – It is perfect to tone your muscles and renew your energies. Besides, the mint also contributes to soften your skin and has a great deodorizing effect.

Lavender – The Lavender bath has a great advantage because you will leave the bath wearing a slight perfume.

Sage – This herb has an anti-inflammatory effect, and it prevents against acne. The sage bath is recommended for those who have oily skin.

Orange Blossom – It gives you a fresh sensation of rest. The orange blossom is also known for its astringent properties and it closes the pores that are too dilated.

Melissa – Also known as “lemon-balm”, it will give you a relaxing and aromatic bath. If you take this bath before going to sleep, you will sleep very well.


*Conceicao Trucom is a PhD in Chemistry, scientist, lecturer and author. One of her books is “Detoxification of Eating Habits”, published in Brazil. She lives in Sao Paulo.

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