12961533 1157510290961140 1959663408108734810 nThe “Baiana” (woman born in the state of Bahia, Brazil) Rosana lives in Los Angeles and practice yoga and Pilates at least three times a week. She started both practices in 2005 and was influenced by a friend that practices for a long time.

Rosana, a customer service specialist and also model, actress and voice over freelancer, practice yoga not only to keep her body in shape, but also because she is training her mind and breath, as well as connecting with her spirituality.

When we asked her “what is happiness for you?” Rosana not hesitate with the answer and almost immediate said “Happiness is an inner state of well being and comes only from appreciating what you have right now. For her, it is much important that each individual take some time each day to do something nice for ourselves and exercise has been known to release endorphins that give you a feeling of happiness. She advice saying it’s important also your program your mind to be happy, and every day saying affirmations like “I can be happy” and “I am the magnet of the success” can definitely help your self-esteem and consequently go for it. Her philosophy is “Live the moment, be responsible, appreciate what you have and love the ones close to you”.

Rosana Almeida wishes to build a great family in U.S and become a mother. However, these are further plans. She now is trying to concentrate on her education and professional career, but have said ‘I haven’t forgotten about good fun. In my opinion life without pleasures isn’t happy’. She has already travel a lot in visited many countries, but Rosana’s dream is to visit as many countries as she can and not missed for any reason to visit Egypt and the fascination to be infront of a Pyramid.

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