By Sandra Domingos

man hugging smiling woman spa tub with water foaSome couples blame the daily stress, others blame the long-term of the relationship, yet others  choose  to  change  partners  when  routine takes control. There are still the ones that blame   the   partner’s   conservationists   or   even the  exploitation  of  the  nude  body  by  the  media  that  makes  the  body  less  and  less  seductive.  Sexologists  defend  that  whatever  is  the  reason,  the most important is to be creative.

Among  many  of  the  suggestions  are  to  bathe  or  shower  together,  to  talk  openly  and  avoid  taboo,   to   use   an   aphrodisiac   scent   a   little   before  bedtime,  to  keep  both  body  and  mind  always young, to use different lingerie, to send little  notes,  to  make  love  in  an  unexpected place,   to   go   out   dancing,   to   travel   to   new   places  not  visited  before,  to  talk  about  where  and how each one likes to be touched, etc. The most  important  thing  though  is  to  be  creative  in  sex.  This  does  not  mean  to  turn  to  fetishes,  but instead to be creative in the way we touch, in  the  way  we  look  at  our  partner,  and  in  the  way we talk.

As a matter of fact, for those who want to heat up  a  relationship,  here  is  a  hint  most  agree upon: try to instigate your partner’s desire, and also your own, with the good use of spicy words. Talking  sexy  in  the  partner’s  ears,  whispering,  or  asking  that  they  perform  his  or  her  favorite cares  are  good  examples.  The  words  used  and  the  ways  of  saying  them  vary  from  person  to  person. Many people do not feel comfortable in this kind of role. Specially for her, talking during sex can take a more subtle form, such as a word of affection or a compliment at the right time.

Desire, Passion and Seduction enhanced By Herbs

couple 1867098 1280Ancient  cultures  valued  the  art  of  seduction,  therefore     developing     magic     to     enhance     sexual intensity. In ancient Egypt, the religious leaders  developed  the  use  of  essences,  and  manuscripts from Hindu science described the aphrodisiac power of ginseng, one of the most revitalizing products developed in the Orient.

Here bellow find some plants that stimulate the mind and the body:

*    The  Cilantro,  when  mixed  with  musk,  saffron  (crocus   satiuus)   and   incense,   produces   an   efficient scent in the practice of sexual magic.

*     The    Rose    has    considerable    influence    over    the   feminine   sexual   organs.   It   helps   avoiding   melancholy and is an anti-depressive. It is believed that its aphrodisiac scent actually increases semen production and therefore, it could be used in cases of impotence and infertility.

The   patchouli   comes   from   India,   where   it   is   known   as   puchaput.   Its   oil   has   the   characteristic  of  improving  the  smell  with   age.  It  also  helps  with  organizing  ideas  and  solving problems.

NOTE:   Never  use  plants  when  in  a  state  of  mental overwhelm or when undergoing strong emotions.

Bathing together

You  can  transform  bath  or  shower  time  in  a  sensual and pleasurable event:

  • Be  spontaneous  and  use  your  instincts,  let  your  hands  glide  over  your  partner’s  body  while spreading the soap lather.
  • Glide  your  hands  from  the  bottom  of  the  back until touching the hair.
  • When   approaching   the   neck,   move   your hands  towards  the  shoulders,  sliding  down  the sides until reaching the hips.
  • Massage the shoulders and neck, letting water fall over the body. With the arm on the waist, try to maintain the fist in a way that the palm of  the  hand  be  in  contact  with  the  muscle  that  supports  the  spine;  slide  it  upwards  to  the  shoulders,  making  the  same  movement  going  down.  If  you  want  to  be  closer  to  the  other person use the bottom part of your arm.

The   natural   nudity   during   the   shower   will eliminate  shame  and  inhibition  of  the  couple,  bringing     up     the     pleasure     of     caressing,   massaging and the bath itself.

Communication and creativity

Finally,  never  let  the  stressful  life  of  nowadays lead   the   couple   to   be   off   balance.   A   very   strong  connection  is  necessary  to  overcome  the   obstacles   and   keep   away   from   routine.   Nevertheless         remember         that         touch,    communication   and   creativity   could   be   the  miraculous recipe.

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