Ellis 07Like a bright start, Sade Ellis shot out of the skies directly from her hometown, Pointe-à-Pierre, Trinidad and Tobago. Currently living in Miami, Florida, Sade comes to us with a background in Soca, Samba and aerial dancing. We had the opportunity to interview Sade, where she tells us of her dreams and passions.

Sade moved to the United States and attended college at Florida Technical College where she studied computer drafting. After graduating she moved to Los Angeles in 2010 to pursue her passion in dancing. Here she started studying ballet, jazz, contemporary, aerial arts and Samba. She attended Trapeze School New York (TSNY) in Santa Monica, CA where she studied Aerial Silk and Lyra. She performs and teaches the occasional beginners aerial silk class at TSNY.

In December 2011 she found the Brazilian community in Los Angeles and fell in love with Samba, so she decided to learn about how to dance by taking samba lessons in August 2012. She then competed in the miss Brazilian Summer Beauty Pageant produced by Samba master Valeria Ruggeri and won. Sade performed with the Copacabana Samba Dance group and also with Samba Samba dance group.

Since her beauty pageant win, she has been enjoying her time and embracing the Brazilian culture. As a dancer and lover of acrobatics, she does jazz, ballet, samba and aerial silks. “I love acrobatics. I practice aerial skills 4 times a week to stay healthy and fit, and to strengthen the muscles that are not so regularly used”, said Sade.

Her motto is to focus on the positive aspects of all situations in life and try to not stress over the inevitable and unseen. When we asked her about her plans for the future and her goal, she said “my goal is to start a business related to my passion for dance and fitness. I believe that for you reach excellent standard in your profession you need to be passionate with it”. Her recipe for “happiness” is always kept in touch with real friends and family, living your dreams and staying positive.

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