By Lindenberg Junior | Translation: Amanda Pepper

Z Vania Samba 8Vania “Samba” Marques has faced many challenges in life, but from a very young age, she learned to be hopeful and fearless. She is from Feira de Santana (Bahia), however, she was raised in Parnavai (Parana). When she was a child, Vania participated in fashion shows, performed with choir groups in many churches, and acted in small productions. She was lucky for always having her family’s support.

Sadly, part of Vania’s past was quite obscure and related to the international traffic of women – a theme recently mentioned in one of TV Globo’s famous soap operas. However, in her case, it was a true story. After being deceived by a mysterious German man, she left Brazil, believing that a bright future was waiting for her in Europe. What she didn’t know, was that her dream was about to become her worst nightmare. After arriving in Germany, she was cloistered in his house for three months.

A new start for Vania

With the help of a Brazilian friend, she finally escaped from her nightmare. Vania will always be thankful to her friend for providing her freedom. Soon after, she healed from her unfortunate experience, and was ready to be happy again and to dance samba. The Germans were very open to the Brazilian culture and welcomed her very warmly.

Image Dance Vania 6.jpgBecause of her exceptional performances, Vania caught the attention of multiple Brazilian dance companies, including Brazil Energia and Brazil Tropical. She soon started her first dance tour through Europe. After the tour, she opened a Brazilian restaurant in Berlin, which ended up becoming a Show House and Lounge Bar.

In response to the successful career that her restaurant provided her, Vania “Samba” decided to open “O Taba”, her second restaurant in Berlin. The place instantly became famous for its fantastic samba shows, and for the beautiful dancers of her group “Yes Brazil”. We are proud to say that she established an honorable career in Europe, and helped spread Brazilian rhythms throughout the world.

After living in Europe for 14 years, she moved to United States, where she is still living with her husband Feliph Schuch, a successful businessman. Since 2004, she has been performing samba and other cultural shows with her company “Vania Samba Productions”, which is not only responsible for teaching the Brazilian culture in USA, but for bringing happiness to many children in need in Connecticut with free weekly concerts and workshops. Vania stands for a beautiful cause, which deserves our attention and respect.

During the Carnival season, she travels to Brazil and is invited to dance in multiple events in Rio de Janeiro. She usually dances for the famous Vila Isabel Samba School at the Avenida Marquês de Sapucaí or Sambodromo.

Even though she experienced a devastating circumstance, Vania Marques fought for her happiness throughout all these years, and has built a wonderful career. Despite the fact that she lives in a beautiful house in one of the nicest areas of Connecticut, she still maintains her simplicity. This is Vania, a brave woman who likes challenges and is passionate about dancing!

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