Image_Web_July_Sao Paulo LGBTThe São Paulo LGBTQIA+ Parade takes place every year uninterrupted since its first event in 1997 and has become the largest gay parade in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records and the second most important event in the city – right after the Formula One race that takes place in Interlagos.

Although officially it is a 5 day event with the parade being the highlight, the party starts 3 weeks before with everything from debates, music concerts, dance performances, cultural fairs, and much more. The São Paulo Gay Pride usually takes place every year in June.

The annual parade meeting point is at the Museum of Art of São Paulo known as MASP, right at the middle of São Paulo’s postcard “Avenida Paulista”, and around noon. It is over 3 miles long taking the Consolação street until the end of the Roosevelt Square, in Downtown São Paulo. Usually the parade goes up to 10pm.

The mega event is strongly supported by the State and the City of São Paulo, counts with a solid security plan, and is sponsored by some of the most important companies of Brazil. The LGBTQIA+ Pride Sao Paulo attracts over 3 million people, receives over 400,000 tourists and moves over US$100 million. The event draws the attention of the press worldwide as well as to the hundreds of thousands of curious people that line up themselves along the parade’s route.

Known as one of the most LGBTQ-friendly destinations, São Paulo is a no-brainer place to celebrate Pride. If you have time to spare between night-long dance parties, check out Museu da Diversidade Sexual (Museum of Sexual Diversity). Here, you’ll learn more about Brazil’s LGBTQIA+ history and understand the significance of today’s Pride movement in Brazilian culture.

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