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Pierre Onassis. Photo: Claudia Passos

All starts after a dream in a cool night of January 2002, and then a few months later, on June 8 of the same year, the first issue of Soul Brasil magazine was distributed in the Ford Amphitheater in a show of Forroçacana produced by Brazilian Nites. On the cover, we had a very interesting story about an American Indian who lived in Brazil in the 70’s and is part of the history of Brazilian surf. It was Johnny Rice, a Californian surf legend who now lives in Santa Cruz.

Since then, we have produced 86 issues and more than 1,100 articles in English and/or Portuguese. Many of these articles were written by our editor or editor assistants or our team of contributors writers in different stages of the magazine. We are celebrating our 15th year this month of June and before we talk about the party this Friday, June 30, we would like to mention that through the years we have built a rich collection!  It was over 1,100 articles in the printed issue and more than 1500 exclusively produced for the website. So here at www.soulbrasil.com you can find (use the search on the up right) over 2500 articles

Of course, there will be a party celebration! And this Friday, June 30, together with the promoter Ariel del Mundo, we are producing a great party and music festival, FREE and in FULL COLOR! The schedule for the headliners is:

9.00pm – Composer and singer Daniel Carneiro together with singer Andrea Ferraz will entertain us with Brazilian Jazz, Bossa Nova and a Few Brazilia Pop Music. (Between these times we should have last minute guest appearances and/or a capoeira demonstration)

19578386 10154621310930423 1813632983 n11.00pm – Brasil Baile Funk Singer Leopoldo Nunan will make a special appearance to play the music from his new Video Clip with the Samba Angel samba dancers Aninha and Sonaria.

11.15pm – The local Afro-Brazilian an Axe band Badaue and Jahgun will play a list of great and high energetic sounds that will put us to dance and starting moving the butt! http://www.jahgunmusic.com/

12.00pm/Midnight – It’s time for some of the best samba and pagode, and Claudinho Sorriso jump up to singer some of the samba world favorites! Samba Angels dancers and guests samba dancers will make this session colorful!

12.30am – It’s time for a special guest from Bahia, Brazil! Former and original (first seven years) singer and composer of Olodum, Pierre Onassis will make us feel like we were in the carnaval of Salvador, Bahia! Pierre is the lead singer of the axé band Afrodisíaco.

We would like to remind you to follow us on Twitter – www.twitter.com/soulbrasil, Facebook – www.facebook.com/soulbrasil and Instagram – www.instagram.com/soulbrasilmagazine (soon). And not forget to watch our videos in our You Tube channel and subscribe – www.youtube.com/soulbrasilmagazine.

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