By Elka Haeckel

couple 1733996 960 720Most of us struggle to live by our truth or to live by what we feel will fulfill our souls. The reason is that we live a life according to what society demands and not necessarily to what your heart truly desires. Some of us meander through life not truly recognizing what we were meant to accomplish.

Rather than coasting through life without placing your finger on how to discover your passion in this world, attempt to pinpoint what that passion is. By following our hearts we feel in peace and in harmony with the universe.

Many times, we don’t know what our mission is or what our heart truly desires. The reason that happens is that we carry patterns in the body as cell memory, in which we also believe we should be doing something else. When you are deeply in truth with your heart, you know the changes and choices you need to make in order to live that truth.

Most of the time, the road is rough and the ride is steep, but you know at the core of your being that there is no going back because you awaken your spirit to the meaning of life. When you live your passion and your truth, you don’t think or look for the outcomes, your rewards come to your because you are coming from your heart.

People around you will recognize that passion by your presence and energy you are giving yourself; and to that experience of living the life you want to live and be happy. Your acquaintances and loved ones will be able to help you recognize what you are great at, and what a few of your hopes and aspirations are. By connecting to these individuals, and requesting direction, you might discover answers.

Fear is a big factor that blocks us from living that truth. We are scared of the unknown, so we feel comfortable where we are, even though we might be miserable; fear holds us back from take the risk and live the life we want to live. Overcoming fear empowers you to keeping evolving and it challenges you to “have the balls” to take the risk and be in truth with your heart.

There are a lot of factors which may play into your success at touching base with your inner passion and originative thinking. The want to discover precisely what you wish from your life is just the opening move.
Working out how to dig out those long entombed passions and interests is a different story. If you’re envisioning the job of producing a vision board, you might discover yourself taking steps that will open you up mentally and let you relax and feel originative in order to discover those inner wants.

It is not about only being a dreamer, but also understanding on how to manifest your dreams into reality. Be realistic with your goals and go deeper into your heart to listen to what makes you happy and what is holding your back from living that passion. If money is the issue, then you are not in tune with your heart.

Meditation, yoga, music and pictures may inspire you once you start your vision board; as it will teach you to be grounded and present. Therefore, your mind will be clearer and more relaxed. In order to amplify your life, your brain needs to expand, like when exercising, for example. It’s the same with your brain; once you think or try fresh things, your brain expands. And an extended brain is an enriched brain. You become enriched, and so does your life story.

It may lead to passion in life, an extroverted personality; you meet fresh interesting individuals, try fresh fun things, and build self-assurance and self-regard, which all bring you happiness and meaning in life. If you don’t find your passion in life, your passion will find you. Just be open to new possibilities and experiences.

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Elka Haeckel, Yoga Teacher

From my own experiences, I found my passion in serving others. I feel when you are helping others, you are helping yourself. I found yoga in my life in 2001 and yoga brought me a deeper understanding about myself. I became more aware of my body, mind and soul. It brought me a sense of gratitude with everything I have in life. I became a yoga teacher in 2002 and since then I have continued with my passion for teaching and helping others. In 2005, I opened my own yoga studio, in which I had run successfully for 7 years.

Currently, I am an international yoga teacher who travels around the globe to share the gifts of yoga and healing with others. If you trust in something you are passionate about, and if you can envision the end result so clearly that you can taste it, you feel certain that it’s inevitable. You’re no longer questioning if, but when. And this is powerful.

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