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The average family living in U.S has $1000-$2000 worth of un-used, yet sellable items in their homes. Our closets, drawers (and our basement) are full of things we do not use for years! And many of us looking for innovative and easy ways to generate some extra cash for fun or to buy something that our budget sometimes not allow us to do, even if is a few dollars.

Here we get a tip for you sell your music, videos and games. The payment is not much, and range from $.50 to $50, but if you have a bunch of staff that you are not using, you are a winner! Why not get rid of old things that no longer interest you and still earn some money that can help you with a project in the future or even with your everyday bills? You’ll make money and help reduce e-waste too!

How to sell your old stuff online? We make it easy for you and list a few plataforms and that we consider good options for you. But before, a few relevant facts that you should know. There are lots of trade-in sites waiting to take your junk and fill your palms with a few dollar, depending on what condition they’re in.

While every site differs in how they do things, it’s usually a case of entering your product barcode, ISBN or product name to get an instant quote. Better still, you can scan items with your phone if you use a site with an app. It’s important to know also that some sites have a minimum value or number of items, meaning you’ll need to scour the room for extra items to sell if you haven’t met the minimum amount.

If you’re happy with the quote, simply accept the offer, fill in your details and send your items off in the post. Inclusive, in most cases, the postage is free, but double-check this first or you could end up forking out more on postage than you’ll earn from selling your stuff.

1) Declutter -It is convenient for sellers and buyers as they pay for the shipment. DeCluttr App gives users a prepaid shipping label to be used at your nearest UPS Store is USPS office. The cons are that it take an average of three to four weeks for you get this cash, but you can sell a range of tech devices, the company is in business for a few years and have very good reputation with one of the highest TrustPilot ratings you can find. SWAPPA

2) Swappa – This plataform is a direct-to-consumer service. You list the hardware you want to sell with photos and whatever price you want to start at, and once the listing is approved by staff you’ll be listed for any buyer looking to make a purchase. While this method requires a little more work on behalf of the seller, the end result is frequently a much higher payout.

3) ItsWorthMore – This program will pay you through your choice of PayPal, Zelle or an old-fashioned paper check. The process entails answering some questions about the device you’re selling. The company will then give you an offer and, if you accept it, provide you with a prepaid shipping label. During the checkout process, you can select how you want to receive your payment.

Addtional Plataforms and Programs

Amazon’s Trade-in Program – It works a lot like its retail store. You do an easy search for an electronic item, enter any necessary details and then select the device’s condition. The company will then make an offer for your electronic gadget and, if you accept it, provide a free shipping label for the item. The best part for the Amazon program is the fact that they have a wide spectrum of accept items including wireless routers and security devices.

BESTBUY e1713828580241Best Buy inStore Trade-in Program – Getting a quote from Best Buy iusually s as simple as picking a product category, manufacturer, model and condition. You need to filled out a questionnaire and follow the tool instructions to get an instant quote. If you accept it, will only be awarded as store credit in the form of a Best Buy gift card.

Lastly, we would like to remind you that eBay is one of the most popular online marketplaces around the world and in particular in the U.S, and you can sell just about anything there, including CDs and DVDs. Millions of people use the plataform and love to buy an item second hand!

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