By Tom T. Moore

Image_Spirituality_Dream_1_MorguefileBack in 1979, I started to record my dreams each night and morning as I awoke. About two weeks after I began, I had an extremely vivid dream of an explosion with a woman and men involved. My wife and I were planning a trip to Manila for a world congress of travel agents. We both decided to delete the Manila portion of the trip and added days to Taiwan and Hong Kong.

On the first day of the congress, terrorists blew up a bomb near the front of the stage where we would normally have sat, injuring ten travel agents. Later, a woman that worked in the Philippines cultural office in Los Angeles and four other men were arrested. Afterwards, I vowed to record my dreams the rest of my life.

Below are seven reasons why you should record your dreams each day:

  1. Dreams are messages from our souls.

The dream state is much more complex than you might imagine. When entering that quantum state during dreamtime, most of the time our dreams appear symbolically. Some people are much better at interpreting these symbols than the rest of us. I use The Dreamer’s Dictionary by Lady Stearn Robinson and Tom Corbett, which seemed to interpret my dreams better than other similar dictionaries. Our souls send us messages couched in these dream symbols. They can be warnings of upcoming challenges, or encouragement when we need it that things are going to be better soon.

  1. As noted above, dreams can be precognitive.

Besides many personal precognitive dreams, I’ve had a number of dreams about upcoming events, usually couched in dream symbology. As an example, in 1985 I dreamed about a delta-shaped aircraft crashing a week or so before Delta Airlines Flight 191 crashed at the Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport. Shortly before the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded on takeoff in 1986, I dreamed of being in a glass capsule high above the earth and then suddenly beneath the ocean. Before 911, I had three dreams including a tornado (my symbol that something bad is going to occur) going across an office building with a line of people sitting in invisible chairs following behind.

By the same token, we will also have many pleasant precognitive dreams, like money on the way, a great change of location, or the love of our life who will soon appear.

  1. The practice of recording dreams will help in meditation.

It will help you to receive images in an altered Alpha state. I never really thought I would be able to communicate with “spirit” as I’m able to do now with my own Guardian Angel (GA) that I call Theo, and with Gaia, the soul of the earth. I realize now that staying in that “zone” is great practice for what I call my “active” meditations. It helps us to recognize images as they appear during meditation, or to receive “thought packets” as my GA Theo calls them.

  1. girl 1733352 960 720We see whom it is that we assist in the dream state.

Theo tells me that when we are in the dream state, we travel all over the universe to help other beings in solving their problems, since we solve more problems in one day on Earth than many beings encounter in one universal year. There is a group of whole souls, that we call “dream angels,” who receive these requests and assign one of us to solve the problem during our dreamtime. Most of the time we appear during their dreams to help them solve a problem.

  1. Ability to view other parallel lives.

Have you ever remembered a dream where it seemed to be the present day, but perhaps you were in some different situation? When we sold our tour business in the early eighties we started an international film and TV program distribution business. For years I would continue to have dreams of running tours and making those business decisions. Theo explains that there are twelve parallel lives going on for each of our lives on Earth. He calls them “time lines,” with the 12 divided into four frequencies and then into twos. We’re on Time Line 6 – a middle frequency, tied closely with Time Line 5.

  1. Ability to view our past and future lives.

I’ve had many dreams of past and future lives, from battles in the Crusades, World War I and ancient times to the future as a pilot in a space ship. Remember that we are in a special space-time continuum, and all of our lives on Earth are occurring at the same time as time is an illusion to us. And in the quantum state we can mix and match from different time periods.

If you have a disturbing dream, you can say (or whisper) out loud, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for anything this dream pertains to in my physical life, thank you!” It will mitigate and lessen the challenge that perhaps is coming your way.

  1. Recording our dreams prepares us for an easy transition.

The astral body at death, I’ve been told, is the same as the one you use during your travels across the universe. You are just no longer tethered. Recording your dreams helps you to feel comfortable and not frightened when you transition.

Let’s now look at the practical steps to remembering your dreams. Many people say they don’t dream, but that’s not true—everyone does. It’s just that they don’t make it a priority to remember the dreams. First, go to your local variety store or supermarket and buy a penlight and notebook, containing the largest number of pages. You are making a physical commitment.

Message StonesEach night before bed, open the notebook and write the next day’s date and your location. At this time, say out loud, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome to remember my dreams tonight, thank you!” This lets all your guides know you are serious about remembering your dreams.

Then in the middle of the night or next morning, get up and take your notebook, light and dictionary into another room so you won’t disturb your bedmate, and write the dream, or dreams, down. Use the dictionary to look up the symbols. You might only remember an image, or a couple of words – that’s fine, write it down. Some dreams will be very detailed and you’ll write a whole page about them, yet others, just a sentence. I still have nights where I don’t recall any dreams, but the most dreams I remember writing down in one night were nine.

Recording our dreams each night will open up a whole new understanding of the amazing world we encounter each night in our dreamtime.


*Tom T. Moore is the author of the three “The Gentle Way” books and a frequent radio guest. He is a long time Soul Brasil magazine contributor and has traveled for many countries including Brazil –


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