By Lindenberg Junior | Consulting: Hair Designer Andrea Orsi


girl 1848454 1280As though we didn’t get adequate age betrayal from our faces, necks and hands, now we have to fret about it from our hair. However with these tips from hair stylists’ professionals you’re aging locks will go from a boring gray to a healthy shine and also be able to boost hair growth!

Volumize – Invest in an exceptional serum and utilize it each day. A different exceptional way to volumize hair is to get to be a pro at teasing. Softly backcomb at the roots for additional volume at the top of your head.

Cover Those Dull Roots – Have age-promoting gray roots however can’t make it to the beauty parlor till next week? For a prompt fix, style your hair in waves. Curls produce a deeper texture, making gray hairs more difficult to find. Keep away from styles that will brazenly flaunt your roots, like slicked back ponytails and straight parts.

Increase Shine – Shiny hair is exceedingly youthful and sexy and you can make it with camellia! This delicate flower is loaded with essential fatty acids that moisturize and smooth the hair shaft for a gorgeous, glossy shine! Make your own camellia treatment doing this: A) Pour 10-20 drops of camellia seed oil into a small spray bottle and fill with water. B) After shampooing and conditioning, shake the bottle vigorously and lightly mist the scented water through towel-dried-hair; style as usual. Yields 1 treatment.

Shampoo Correctly – Washing hair may cause it to lose its glow after awhile. The medium shampoo and conditioner has a pH of 7, causing hair cuticles to pick up and fade in color. Utilize a shampoo with a pH approximately 4.5 and 6 to prevent this. Also, utilize anti-breakage, fortifying and restorative shampoos. These are more likely to see to it that ingredients produce layers on the hair shaft and seal split ends. Attempt to deep condition your hair on a weekly basis for a more saturated, hair smoothing experience.

BBMCuEDBoost Hair Growth – Using a natural wonderful – Hibiscus! Massaging your scalp with vitamin C-Rich hibiscus extracts stimulates hair growth. That’s way the flower is a traditional remedy for hair loss in India. Make your own Hibiscus Hair Rinse doing this: A) Steep 2 hibiscus tea bags in 2 (two) cups of hot water for 20 min. B) Pour the room-temperature tea over your hair and scalp for 5-10 min. C) Rinse with cool water and style as usual. Yields1 treatment.

Go Natural or Watch Out! In the shampoo category give preference for low-sudsing versions because suds are typically created by synthetic-foaming agents called sulfates. With hair color, look for a stylist that uses low-ammonia dyes or buy them yourself in health food stores and natural pharmacies; temporary colorants are safer than permanent dyes. The deeper the color, the more important it is to look at the ingredients.

Avoid Hair Traumatizing Crash Diets! Taking in less than 1200 calories daily can put your body in starvation mode, leading to nutrients deficiencies linked to hair loss. Best foods for beautiful hair: Açaí Berry, Blueberries, Greek Yogurt, Walnuts, Sweet Potatoes, Eggs, Spinach, Lentils, Oysters and Salmon.


*Andrea Orsi is a professional hair designer and owner of Andrea Orsi Beauty Lounge in Newport Beach. Her salon offers several services such as hair color, highlights, Brazilian blowout, and manicure. To know more visit


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