By Carol Mendes and Lindenberg Junior

14237740 1356557101038963 4961092980198732409 nThe popular goal of going to the United States in search of better opportunities is also part of the Brazilian archetypes. It began in the 60s decade, but became a fever by 1980s and 1990s. In 2011, the Secretary of Foreign Relations of Brazil registered that there was more than one million Brazilians living in the U.S., trying to achieve the American Dream.

The largest Brazilian population in the U.S lives in the East Coast, better saying, in New York/New Jersey (the biggest concentration, with an estimate of over 300,000 Brazilians), Southern Florida and Boston/Neighborhood cities.

Where Brazilians find a home in the United States

However, there are many Brazilians in Dallas and Houston (Texas), Atlanta (Georgia), and, of course, Los Angeles, San Diego and the Bay Area (California). Actually it’s easy to find Brazilians anywhere from San Diego to San Francisco, and there is no doubt that Los Angeles has the biggest Brazilian Community in the U.S West Coast, with an estimate of over 40,000 Brazilians.

After 2000, many Brazilians who lived in California relocated to cities outside the golden state, like Las Vegas, Phoenix and Salt Lake City — especially to Las Vegas, when the economy in the Sin City started to flourish. Even after they adapt to the fast-paced American lifestyle, the Brazilians who try to make it big in the U.S never forget their home country and their rich native culture.

The Soul Brasil

Image SoulBrasil 100 Issue Party Redondo Beach

Soul Brasil Issue 100 Celebration and Red Carpet at Samba Restaurant in Redondo Beach

The integration between the behaviors and cultures of these two countries became less distant in the golden state with the help of Soul Brasil Magazine, in June of 2002. The first issue was out of the printer and ready for distribution in over 120 locations through California, including the Brazilian Consulates in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

At this time and in the following years (without Facebook and social media) Soul Brasil, with its bilingual issues and the traditional magazine printed format, became a Brazilian culture reference for many Americans residents of California, as well for Brazilians living the American Dream in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Francisco.

Every couple of months and for the first nine years, we had a new printed edition with 10,000 magazines to be distributed. In June 2012, celebrating our 10th issue, we came with a special edition in Spanish/Portuguese and extended our distribution to the city of Las Vegas, reaching 15,000 magazines each edition.

In 2017, after 15 years distributing the printed magazine for free and reaching thousands of Brazilian culture lovers, through over 220 distributions locations, we changed strategies and have focused our efforts on our digital issue and in our website. The printed magazine is still available, but not anymore for free at those referred locations. You can still order the magazine in printed format, for a few bucks, by ordering online.

What is important to know is that Soul Brasil magazine has taken the responsibility to help on disseminating the Brazilian Culture to all Brazilian lovers living in the West Coast and, in particular, Southern California. We are also extremely proud to have been the pioneer Brazilian media in the U.S promoting the “Go Green” movement and supporting the conscious living on Earth!

Captura de tela 2023 03 10 213658Whether you read our articles through the printed or digital issue, or the website (It has more than 2500 articles!), you can watch our videos through YouTube or Facebook. By checking our rich content posts on Instagram, it’s possible to travel to Brazil without having to go there and to learn a little bit about the U.S. without ever leaving Brazil! Besides the great content through articles and videos in Portuguese and English, you can find Brazilian events in our calendar on the website.

Our team includes a small staff of paid professionals and dozens of contributors. In both cases, living in the U.S as well in Brazil. Our intention was and always will be offering nice content and inspiring stories for everyone interested in Brazil, in life at the United States (especially for those who are in pursuit of the American Dream), and in a conscious better living!

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