TANTANIt’s time again for the annual “Brazilian Heart, a Celebration”, a show that mixes poetry, stories and music to pay homage to Brazilian artists who have less recognition in the United States.

It all started in 2012 when singer-songwriter Kátia Moraes created a show to pay tribute to the artist that inspired her to be a singer: Elis Regina.  Her collaborators,  Márcia Argolo, photographer Jorge Vismara (photo exhibition and video editor) and set designer Brad Austin transformed a dance studio at Brasil Brasil Cultural Center into a magical space.

Since then, “Brazilian Heart, a Celebration” had paid homage to Clara Nunes (with Samba Society), Maria Bethânia, Noel Rosa (with Peter Lownd’s lyrical versions in English), and Rita Lee & Beyond (with an amazing cast of 10 Brazilian singer/songwriters living in Los Angeles).

The collaborators always depend on which kind of music and artist will be the honoree. For Clara Nunes, for example, Beto Gonzale’s 12-piece Samba Society was the perfect choice.

After bringing English versions of poetry and stories for the Maria Bethânia show in 2014, Katia realized she was missing her musical theater roots.  From that point on, she decided to bring the non-Portuguese speaking audience closer to her language, always presenting stories and poetry of the artists’ lives in English. After more than 20 years living in the Unites States, Katia wanted to go beyond melodies, harmonies and rhythms.

For 2016 International Women’s Day, 10 Brazilian female artists were invited to sing and share the poetry and stories of historical women from Brasil with emphasis on Rita Lee, who was celebrating 50 years of performance career.  The show was sold out and the experience brought the singer-songwriters and actresses closer together.

A Brazilian painter who was at the event said to the cast at the end: “I’ve been waiting for this moment for twenty-five years.” The Brazilian community is not like many others who live in the same neighborhood, all clustered together. To see part of the female community together on the stage sharing their views on social, political, and emotional issues through Art was priceless. Actually, it was transcendental to many people.

For 2017, the “6th Brazilian Heart, a Celebration” for the International Women’s Day will feature 11 Brazilian artists paying homage to the American Jazz Divas with emphasis on Tom Jobim, who would be 90 years old, and on the Centennial of Ella Fitzgerald.

The annual series is all made with a lot of heart, research, sweat, and support from simple people who became Art entrepreneurs. Since childhood Katia believes Art has the power to transform someone’s life like it did for hers. She says: “As a consequence, communities can become more compassionate and conscious about other cultures. “Brazilian Heart, a Celebration,” shows the strength of the female community, and its important model in creating a more just and united world.

Date/Time:  Friday, March 3, 2017 at 7:30pm & 9:30pm
Where:  Kelman Theater (Electric Lodge)
1416 Electric Avenue, Venice, California 90291 www.electriclodge.org
Tickets:  $25 (Limited Seating) First come, first served.
Tickets Online: http://6th-brazilian-heart.eventbrite.com

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