By Betty Guy-Wills

Start the New Year With A Smile!Smiling is the best of all expressions. Smiling always brings a glow to the face.  Look at a child’s glowing face. Actually smiling faces are literally translated into physical good looks by bringing radiance to the complexion, brightness to the eyes, a spring to the step and gracefulness to the body. Actually happiness and smiling faces are literally translated into physical good looks and good health. The cells that make-up the life of your body are quickened by smiling and laughing.

Your state of mind is translated into body language. When you show happiness your circulation speeds along, and you feel alive in every limb.  This is the peak of your most “looking the best that you are” time. Your state of body is translated into a state of mind.  When you keep your body well nourished, exercised and toned during this hectic time with the best of essential foods, plus keeping your skin well cared for, you will feel happiness and it will show on your smiling face. The posture of happiness creates the mood of happiness!

Face these new days with spirit and overcome any negative of depression you may have. With this attitude we can overcome any destructive force or depressed thoughts and all things that cheat our minds and our intelligence.  Never dread the facing days of returning gifts, and making new decisions. In the wisdom of the body there is a “courage hormone” of the adrenal glands, which moves through the blood stream mobilizing energy to do what must be done in the best possible way your living cells are organized to overcome any obstacle that may occur.

So, “Step into the New Year on a Rainbow” as we say in Hawaii, with your best attitude showing, but take a peek in the mirror.  Your face may be so attractive that; you may only need a sun block and a moisturizing spritz to blend with your “blooming good looks”.

You may never want to loose this magic touch.  Enjoy your family, enjoy your friends, enjoy your surroundings and enjoy the approaching New Year.

*Betty Guy-Wills is a celebrity beauty consultant and motivational speaker specializing in anti-aging and age subtracting.  To contact her:

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