afro 3387294 960 720The United States Diplomatic Mission to Brazil offers International Exchange English Programs that recruits Brazilians and American students and teachers to study and work, respectively, in both countries. It might be an opportunity to live temporarily in these two countries and share the value of each culture.

The U.S. maintains a strong relationship with a network of 38 Binational Centers throughout Brazil.  Their mission is to teach English as well as to share American culture.  These centers also offer student advising which provides superb information to all Brazilians who are interested in studying in the United States for short-term programs, undergraduate as well as graduate. They are an excellent resource for quality English courses and accurate information.

International Leaders in Education (ILEP)

This is a five month exchange program in the U.S. for Brazilian public secondary school English teachers.  The teachers are located at a U.S. university where they attend classes on an area of interest (teaching methodology, use of technology in the classroom, curriculum development) as well as an internship opportunity at a local U.S. high school.  Applicants are selected from throughout Brazil and recruitment begins usually between April and May each year.

Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA)

These are scholarships for Brazilians who have and undergraduate or masters in English.  The individuals go to the U.S. for 9 months where they serve in a U.S. university as a teaching assistant for Portuguese.  Recruitment is usually between May and June each year and run by the Fulbright Commission. The same opportunity is offered for U.S. students to serve as an English Teaching Assistant in Brazilian schools or institutions for a 9 month period.

Regional English Language Office

The Regional English Language Office (RELO) supports the mission of the Public Affairs Section of the United States Embassy to promote mutual understanding between people through its informational, educational and cultural programs.

In support of the mission, the RELO offers professional development and educational exchange programs for English language trainers, teachers and students in coordination with Ministry of Education, Binational Centers, and teachers’ organizations throughout the region. To learn more about RELO resources and event, you can also join RELOBrazil on Facebook.

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