By Lindenberg Junior | Translation: Amanda Peter

Success In and Outside Brazil Gourmet BrigadeiroThroughout the years Brazilian services and products become very popular outside Brazil. Americans, Europeans and Asians often express interest in our unique products. Three of our most famous products outside Brazil are Havaianas flip flops, Açaí, and our barbecue, “churrasco”. Nowadays we have multiple internationally known Brazilian products that make people from all corners of the world connect with Brazil.

Recently, the most common Brazilian delicacy among birthday parties is becoming popular here in the United States. Its fame, like in many cases, came from the creative mind of Brazilian entrepreneurs. The Gourmet Brigadeiro is a sophisticated version of the typical Brigadeiro. This new term came from the combination of unique recipes and unusual ingredients. 

According to Brazilian entrepreneur Mirelle Wuolle, former founder of Mikamora Salgados, the Brigadeiro Gourmet is here to stay. It’s not only popular in the United States, but throughout the world, mostly because of its sophisticated design and diverse flavors, including passion fruit, cappuccino and caipirinha (a typical Brazilian drink), instead of the original chocolate flavor.

“The Gourmet Brigadeiro leaves room for the chefs to innovate daily. It’s a great option for any event, no matter if it is for a birthday party, family reunion, wedding, or a nice brunch. It’s also a great gift option for friends, teachers, neighbors and relatives. After all, who wouldn’t want brigadeiros to make our lives sweeter?” says Mirelle. brigadeiro

Brazilian pastry chef and entrepreneur Ana Rognerud, from the L.A Cakes & Sweets, adds: “People from different cultures living in the U.S. tend to associate the Gourmet Brigadeiro with the truffles that are known worldwide, and immediately fall in love with the texture of the caramel associated with the delicious taste of chocolate”.

One of the easiest ways to start a business is to begin with a service or a product already known. From there, innovations and creativity are the key to success. In this particular case, it’s hard to find a Brazilian who is not a fan of brigadeiro. The Gourmet Brigadeiro became a huge hit due to its successful marketing formula: A (a known product) + B (a product with many fans) + C (innovations) = a hit! 

The Gourmet Brigadeiro is becoming a popular choice on wedding menus, and many brides are choosing this delicacy to be served on the biggest day of their lives. The Gourmet Brigadeiro can not only be served as dessert, but it can also be distributed as souvenirs to the party guests. 

It is made with Belgium chocolate and a special butter, which differentiates it from the original Brigadeiro. In the United States, the pistachio and the cappuccino Gourmet Brigadeiro have become very popular. Did not try yet? If you like sweets, we are 100% sure you will love it!

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