By Claudia Passos

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Naples, long Beach

Do high airfares and fuel costs have you putting off that planned trip this summer? But the L.A resident is a fortunate person as he/she can drive to the top of the mountain in the morning, dine in a genuine Venetian gondola at noon, gaze upon a spectacular field of desert flowers in the afternoon and dance in a drum circle on the beach by moonlight – all on the same day and yes, all on the same tank of gas.

This time, summertime, this page will be a bit different, and I will list – yes in English, six unique things that you can do around L.A to have fun. Just some suggestions for you enjoy Southern CA and not miss a lot your “longdistance” planned trip:

1 – Take a hike, 7 Falls, Santa Barbara – Often called the most beautiful leg of the four-mile Tunnel Trail in Los Padres National Forest, the 7 Miles hike is enchanting, exhilarating, and not for the easily exhausted.

2 – . Turn off your mind, Peter Strauss Ranch Park, Agoura Hills – A woodsy slice of heaven once owned by the legendary actor of the TV Miniseries, this gorgeous stretch of California chaparral is where you go when you want to get away from it all.

3 – Revel in the arts, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica – Formerly the final stop of the Red Line trolley , Bergamot Station is now a complex of art galleries and a premier cultural destination on the West Coast Visitors – more than 600,000 of them every year!

4 – Ride a genuine gondola, Naples, Long Beach – Only eight places in the western U.S. offer gondola rides – and here is one of the best of this list. A number of amenities packages are available, from lunch to dinner cruises to champagneand-desert voyages under the stars!

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Catalina Island, California

5 -Take the Catalina Ferry to Avalon then take a jeep Eco Tour of Catalina Island – First take the ferry fun ride . The ferry departures from the Port of Long Beach pretty much all the time and from multiple locations (during summer booking with 4 days minimum in advance), then already on the island, leave the other passengers behind and explore Catalina the way nature intended – through an eco-friendly tour in a top-down jeep.

6 – Be a beach bun, Crystal Cove Cottages, Corona del Mar – It is a 2,791 acre slice paradise, some 12 acres of which are right on the Pacific. The rustic Crystal Cove Cottages started life as a seaside colony, but now is available for rentals year-round. Moreover, they provide the coldest thing you will get to rent control on the California Coast – prices are kept artificially low to ensure their accessibility to most everyone. Super cool option for a couple or even two couples friends.

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