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* Translation by Rebecca Carvalho

008McCann World Ggroup, a global advertising agency network, posed a question to its international contributors and clients, which asked and led them to assemble a map of cities that will make a difference in the lives of people in the near future. The collecting capacity of this survey was a maximum of 900 different cities throughout the world. After crossing data, they picked the 40 most referenced cities and divided them into 3 different lists. 

The uncommon listing of Facebook as not only a "city", but also a digital city capable of connecting more than 500,000 citizens, was the surprising result. Due to their promising economies and world’s interests on them, the first bloc of cities naturally listed today’s known leading cities. The second bloc listed the cities that, soon, will be on the radar. The third bloc finally, listed cities that portray characteristics that could be surprising in the future. Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo also made in the list. The city of Rio shows in the first bloc due to the Olympic Games of 2016, which are expected to bring more investments in the "Marvelous City’s" infrastructure. Sao Paulo, in turn, appears in the second bloc, tied in the same position with Mexico City. In bloc 3, surprisingly, appears Lagos in Nigeria, a megalopolis among the emerging countries, which is teaching how to change the urban chaos, in which it developed and turn it into living spaces with original solutions. 

The most surprising aspect is that while Brazilian cities were included in this team of the most attractive cities for business and investment – listed next to capitals like Paris, New York and Tokyo – Note other cities that previously were constantly present in these lists, like Rome, Moscow, Sydney and Brussels, this time were not even mentioned. "In Tokyo, for instance, they are frequently monitoring the behavior of new mothers who are constantly online." 

Their survey interviewed McCann agency’s, a network of agencies in more than 167 countries, development workers, entrepreneurs and business directors. Due to a shifting worldview that starts to open the world’s economic arena to countries like China and places interest in them, it is not surprising that the city of Shanghai was regarded to be "the new world capital of the 21st century". 

This type of study is conducted by them since 1995 in order to understand new aspects of commerce and behavioral tendencies that could influence decisions in marketing. "This is the first time they have such a broad survey of cities," said Washington Olivetto, advertising executive and chairman of WMcCann in Brazil, to the press. 

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