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Featuring Mariana Alencar

Mariana is a beautiful Brazilian model and actress who is currently living in Los Angeles. The blonde keeps her good shape by dancing and working out. When she was about six years old she started ballet because her dream was to be a ballerina. She says “Classic ballet built me strong legs and nice posture. Also, it created a better understanding about my body. For now, I do my cardio workout almost everyday to give me resistance and to lose some extra pounds”.

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Anualmente, indústrias latino-americanas quebram recordes com um rico e diversificado mercado liderado por países como Argentina, México, Brasil, Colômbia e Chile com filmes de sucesso como The Distinguished Citizen, de Gaston Duprat e Mariano Cohn; Perfect Strangers, de Paolo Genovese; Aquarius, de Kleber Mendonça Filho; Between Sea and Land,  de Carlos Del Castillo; e Neruda, de Pablo Larraín.

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Films for Change

After living in Rio and working on Brazilian movies as an assistant editor and assistant sound editor in 1995-96, I came back to the United States and fell into producing films. It was a trajectory I never expected as I always thought I’d be working behind the scenes.

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