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The Brazilian Nordeste (Northeastern region) is known for its beautiful beaches – most boast crystalline waters with hues ranging from blue to green. In addition, the sand is, for the most part, fine and clear; coconut trees abound and the sea offers unique marine fauna.

One of Brazil’s states that lives up to the above description is Paraiba. There, one beach in particular stands out: the famous Tambaba. Every year, it attracts more and more tourists due to some specific and interesting characteristics.

Located in the municipality of Conde, approximately 30 km (or 18.6 miles) south of João Pessoa, Paraiba’s capital, Tambaba is the favorite hang out of those adept to nudism in the Nordeste. So much so, that in 2018, it was recognized as the “Area of Special Tourist and Ecological Interest for the Practice of Naturism”.

And there are strict rules that must be obeyed. Namely, you must remove your  clothing and be in your best birthday suit to take advantage of the local beauty. Teeming with native vegetation and surrounded by rocks both in and out of the water– the place offers a breathtaking scenery for those not too coy about (and happy to be) naked.tambaba 2OK e1702336438475

The beach is divided into two sections: one open to the public in general and the other reserved for naturists only. Both sections are divided by an access staircase, and there are locals who make sure visitors follow the rules.  This is how it works: naturism is banned in the section for public usage and it is obligatory in the nudist section. In other words, one cannot, save for a few exceptions, choose to remain clothed in the nudist part of the beach.

Access to any section is free. However, there is a collection box for donations that go toward maintenance of the area. It is important to remember that rules prevent filming in the naturist section. So please be aware of this if you plan to visit. Nudist Pousada Tambaba, with a restaurant on premises, is a great place to stay at, while also remaining “clothed” in your birthday suit!

The naturist stretch of beach is about 900 meters long (or a little over ½ a mile), has security guards and is frequented by whole families and many tourists from all over the world. Since naturism was made official in 1991, Tambaba has become a reference point for this type of tourism on the planet. Today, it is one of the most sought over destinations in Paraiba.

07.09.13 VI tambaba open de surf naturista fotos roberto guedes secom pb 9 e1702336497885And if you are looking for more reasons to visit this beach, you should know that its scenic beauty is impressive. Surrounded by multicolored cliffs, incredible rock formations, coconut groves and warm water pools, Tambaba also has a stretch specifically for surfing, i.e., naked surfing!

Should your curiosity get the better of you, put Tambaba on your list of next destinations to visit. Still, know that there are strict rules for nudists – and non-nudists alike. Those who do not share the naturist philosophy and wish to take advantage of the situation are not welcome.

The area’s Code of Ethics states that some conduct is considered grounds for immediate expulsion. Here are some of them:

    1. – Ostensible sexual behavior and/or practice of a sexual/obscene nature;
    2. – Engagement in physical violence as a means of aggression toward others;
    3. – Use of fraudulent means to obtain advantage of the area’s practices for yourself or third parties;
    4. – Usage/possession of illegal toxic drugs;
    5. – Cause damage to the public image of naturism or naturist areas.

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