By Magali DaSilva

We travel not only for know a different place or for have good times. We travel also because we want to tell a good story about us for our friends and people that we know.

So, we strongly suggest you to write a great story about your next trip to Brazil  and send it to us. If you have photos, better yet! We can edit it if necessary and published your story.

Put yourself in the reader’s place and be enthusiastic because your reader wants to read something fun and inspirational. Tell the story as it happens or write the story in parts like a diary. Write it in real time and in every chance you have, in the airplane, in your hotel, at the restaurant, etc. Doing this, you will have fresh and raw impressions. The idea is first writing the story. Edit and give the final touch later when you back to home and diving again into the story. Some extra great ideas to the article only come to our mind later.

It is important to write what you feel and avoid hyperbolic and hysterical language. Related with photos, stop for a while taking posed pictures and try to emerge in the photo journalism taking pictures when you see someone doing something interesting or faced with a great view or a famous landmark. And remember a journalist saying “dog bites man ain’t a story. Man bites dog – there is your story! – Try to keep it between 400 to 750 words and submit your story to our editor Lindenberg Junior –

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