By Giovanni DaSilva


Dance is a form of art that expresses many things. It can express life, emotion, and even Saturn’s many rings. Dancing causes people to be focused and free, blowing away all their troubles and leaving them only with that feeling of peace and pure glee.

When I dance, happiness runs through my veins. From head to toe, it sounds quite insane. But when I dance I feel this joy and commotion flowing though my body like the waves of an ocean.

There are many different dances all across this world. From the Spanish Flamenco to Southern Square-Dancing with a girl. Concert dance is also a category, like graceful ballet which always tells a story.

Dance is a thing that never grows old From when you’re a baby to when your 100 years old Dance is everywhere and is a part of everyday nature And through my eyes, I think its one of our society’s greatest features.

* Giovanni DaSilva born in Los Angeles but have also the Brazilian citizenship (Brazilian parents). He graduated  (2017) from the Syracuse University (NY) in Drama with enphasis in Musical Theater  and moved to New York Cityt where he lives and work as a model, dancer and actor. 

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