003With the support of the Rio de Janeiro Governor, the Lawyer Group Morrison & Foerster and in special the local associate lawyer Adam O’Farrell, the Institute of the Americas, Sphaera International and Terra Segura International, born a few months ago the Brazil- US Green Technology Trade Association. The initiative will help business, universities and governments to improve societies capabilities in environmental technologies and methods as well increase green trade between Brazil and the United States.

It is a project that increases “green” business activity and trade, leading to reduced pollution, cleaner energy, and ecological tourism, the sum of which will generate sustainable development, higher incomes, and more ability to shrink the causes of public insecurity. The challenges of the twenty-first century are daunting: runaway urbanization, pollution, rising competition for tighter energy supplies, loss of natural lands and habitats and, hanging over all, the dangers of global warming.

The focus is enhance exchanges between green-technology innovators, and improve the world’s ability to address environmental problems and the social disruption they cause. To build technological cooperation between Brazil and the United States in the fields of green energy and other green technologies; To assist businesses with interests in green energy and other green technologies to find and develop promising technologies and relationships. To increase interactions between government, business and researchers in order to help develop and harmonize green policy across jurisdictions; to establish standards to advance the fields of green energy and other green technologies and to reduce duplication of effort; and ultimately to reduce the social and economic costs of environmental degradation.

The time has come, therefore, to make new connections among those who are developing solutions, to increase green trade between our countries, and to deliver to both and to the world the enhanced capacity to address the causes of social problems caused by the old ways of doing business. The intend also is to bring together the smartest and most innovative “green” thinkers and doers in the commercial, technological, and scientific organizations of the US/CA and Brazil, finding ways to do business while solving our common problems.

The means to accomplish these objectives will include conferences, facilitated networking opportunities, vetted database resources, working groups to develop industry standards, and educational programming that enhances diffusion and adoption of conservation practices and green technologies. More info: (858) 750-6058 or www.sphaera-interpar.com

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