By Jana Lessa

verao felicidadeIt’s charming, its’ cultural, its’ all about being a Brazilian. The “O Jeitinho” can be described as the way Brazilians live their life, the way they make decisions, the way they love and so forth. For us Brazilians, relationships are absolutely fundamental. We are friendly, affective, we want to be accepted by others and we love to be surrounded by friends, coworkers, family; people in general.

We always deal with people in a more deeply emotional way and we do take it personal when it’s only “a one way” type of relationship, and this is because we like to be treated the same way; with kindness, respect and lots of love! At work we embrace many causes and we usually work overtime without pay, because this is the way to keep our jobs and the way to survive in the Brazilian’s work force.

This leads us to be more adaptable and creative. For some people the “Brazilian Way” is synonymous of corruption and for many others is a simple way to be innovative in order to compete. In our culture these are just a few of the characteristics of the “O Jeitinho Brasileiro”; the Brazilian Way that give us the capacity to deal with the uncertainties of life better than any other culture.


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