04brazuca1 videoSixteenByNine1050For now… ”Brazuca” was the official Ball for the World Cup 2014 in Brazil and the most tested of all times ball unveiled by Germany manufacturer Adidas. The product of a two-and-half years testing process involved some of the world biggest soccer stars. The teams Bayern Munich and AC Milan as well as the players Lionel Messi and Iker Casillas were involved with the development of the ball, whose six identical panels, alongside a new surface structure will, according to Adidas, providing improve grip, touch, stability and aerodynamics.

The technology incorporated into the bladder and carcass of Brazuca was the same as that used in the Tango 12 (the Euro 2012 match ball), and Cafisa (Confederations Cup 2013) but the panels and surface structure were new developments. From the classic black-and-white design of the 1970 Mexico Telstar ball to the fiery Jabulani ball of 2010 South Africa, each one finds its spot in a timeline of innovative design and technology.

The Brazuca ball for 2014 was designed to capture the essence of the country and to reflect the vibrancy of the Brazilian soccer. To further tie in the nation, the name for the official ball in Brazil was selected following a public vote, polling more than one million soccer fans. The word “Brazuca” for Brazilians have a double meaning, used as a term for Brazilian living abroad including its many footballers but also as slang used to describe national pride or anything “Brazilianish”.

Fit for Brazil, the Brazuca ball can be used in temperature as high as 100 degrees, making it fit for tropical regions, where rain and heat dominate. Brazuca specifications:

• Weight: 437g
• Circumference: 69cm
• Loss of Pressure: 7%
• Water Absorption: 0.2%
• Rebound: 134cm
• Altitude: 0-1600m

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