By Aryadne Oliveira & Lindenberg Junior | Translation by Edgar Lim

We may say that in the same way that the American women use their “busty” as a gimmick to become sexy, Brazilian girls use their “buttock” as a weapon to attract the opposite sex. After all, they always paraded their beautiful curves in bikinis all over the Brazilian sea coast, in slinky pants when having fun and even on work every day. During the last decade specially, to perfect their strengthening exercises for focus this body parts.

The cult for the fit body among Brazilian women is almost unanimous, and in particular for the young women living in big urban cities. For most of them, gyms became almost a daily stop visit, either to “aesthetic” format, helping shape the body, or to “social” format, broadening their network and grow friendships. For the outdoor minority, the wagers are hiking, ascent or climbing. Two types of workouts, that besides making sure calories are burned, clearly guarantee the strengthening of the glutei.

Good example of the beauty and enchantment that the Brazilian “curves” cause in American is the story of Carolina Goes, from Rio de Janeiro. Mother, psychologist and athlete, Carol (as she is known) understands this issue. Along with her husband Alan Goes, she is the head of Mix Martial Arts studio in Mission Viejo, Orange County, where they reside. Carol divides her time between her family, psychology studies and Cardio Kickboxing classes – a combination of aerobic exercises with kickboxing techniques incremented by something very special: her “bloodgood swing” – a typical Brazilian expression, meaning “Cool Girl”.

Despite the masculine appeal of course, this class offered in the family‘s studio, became popular among women who seek the exercises to tone muscle – especially those in the butt. Who doesn’t dream about that beautiful Brazilian “bumbum”? During the one-hour classes, they use conventional heavy bags, ropes and training pads – all based on the authentic kickboxing techniques which provides both resistance, training and cardiovascular benefits to its participants. Besides, local exercises for legs, butt and tights – all based in the Brazilian workout programs, are also executed.

The self defense technique stretching and aerobics exercises in the case of Goes Martial Arts Studio many times are held under the Brazilian musical background. Undoubtedly, a charming combination, efficiently and without any contra-indication for those who seek to decipher the secret of the “Girls from Brazil”.

Therefore, we decided to research some curiosities related the “Attraction Weapon”:

1. According to Gilberto Freyre, a famous Brazilian sociologist, Brazilian infatuation has originated from the colonial period. The Portuguese settlers brought that mania from their country which the women from the Iberian Peninsula had advantageous butts and could rival their African counterparties.

2. In the human race, structurally, the butts are formed by muscles that move the legs and also where fat is stored to form the fetus. As a matter of fact, a research from Oxford proved that fat accumulation on the bottom is beneficial to health, as it protect against cardiovascular diseases, since it helps eliminate harmful lipids and contains anti-inflammatory agents.

3. In ancient astrology, each body part is represented by a sign and in the case of buttock; the corresponding sign is Libra, as it means equilibrium.

4. The Guinness Book, in spite of breasts, does not record the biggest butt of the world, but the “bumbum” of Brazilian Andressa Soares – the “watermelonwoman”, made an impression on Dian Hanson, the publisher of Taschen, who had the duty to include Andressa in the book “The Big Butt Book”. Nevertheless this fact, the world’s most beautiful bottom was judged to belong to Melanie Fronckowiak, from a Southern State of Brazil, who won a competition in Paris in 2008, sponsored by Sloggi Fashion, and taking home 15,000 Euros.

5. In the international landscape, in 2009 the male website “Ask Men” elected the ten best “Bumbum” Models, from which the first three ranked were: CoCo, wife of rapper Ice-T, placed third; Kristina Dimitrova who was forerunner of Brazilian Melanie in the 2007 competition, placed second; and Vida Guerra, maybe who you never heard of, and that ended up the winner.

* Edgar Lim is part of Soul Brasil “Collaborators Team” and help us with translations. He is a Brazilian living in L.A, MBA, a stock market and commodities specialist. To know more about him visit

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