By Alberico Manoel | Translation by Cristiane Magalhães  

girl 1848949 960 720Today, the demanding trends of fashion almost entirely molds us to consume products, in that we submit ourselves to marketing, advertisement, and to its ideology of the conformity or idealization of the current social mindset. Some resist, others do not. The ones that follow the demands seem to be wearing uniforms with perfect bodies, modern and cutting edge style trying to be different, but most of the time, almost equal.

The modern world values the excess of beauty, the aesthetics and what is considered to be beautiful, but overlooking ethical and moral values besides a lack of respect for others. The ones that do not fit in separate themselves in tribes or are marginalized by groups that worship the demands of fashion.

The contradiction of the 21st Century and new digital era is that everything happens yesterday. You need to be the best, the most competent, the more capable, the most everything. Sometimes, not even being your own self. Nowadays we see that everybody is looking for something without knowing exactly what he or she wants to find. The big event is that people are becoming more and more of a characterization of the self. Look at the example of this as the reality show, “Big Brother” which is a success with audiences, due to an idealized model of beauty, acceptance and success amongst the pairs. Would that be an intentional action of its makers?

Everything ends up becoming fashion statements. How a person dresses, how the body is marvelous, and things like that. The mirrors (characters created by people) is mirrored by an existentialist concept of the human being, the unique being, the individual being that looks to the self-searching the inexistent. What is not known.

What really matters to people is to be authentic, because some day, the character loses it’s identity, and the real world with its contradictions and hypocrisy says, “We wanted you – yourself, and not your character.” This is why fashion is in movement, but attitude and personality are the daily life. The reality is that this powerful industry that moves millions of dollars and people with their ideology and beauty concepts are dictated for all that submit themselves to this ideal of beauty.


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