By Deborah Hall /Translation: Paula Ramos

fruits-82524_640The usage of natural remedies has become more popular in the last decades. It has promoted the general knowledge and more professionals are specializing in this field. Unfortunately there is still a lot of “popular knowledge” in this area that has to be corrected; however we cannot completely discredit it. Usually, this subject is commonly talked about and naturally the word-of-mouth tends to distort the facts, and opinions get mixed in.

These changes cause the facts to become more opinionated that true, and this helps reinforce the false accusation of “natural medicine is inefficient. Nature has gifted us with many valuable fruits that carry nutritional and medicinal values. Getting to know the properties of each fruit can then be used as another form of medicine. Differences between natural remedies and regular medicine are that in natural remedies plants are used without chemicals or synthetic by products. Regular medicine is extracted in laboratories using properties from a plant and chemical products are always used.

The apple is the best because it’s rich in flavonoids and its best eaten with its skin. The apple skin helps fight against coronary diseases, strokes, and cancer. Avocados are rich in potassium, beta carotene, and omega nine; helps lower bad cholesterol and promotes the balance of hormones. Blueberries are rich in phytochemical anthocyanin, fighting cancer, coronary diseases and also enhance memory.

We’ll expand a little more on the pineapple. It has various nutritious and aiding properties, such as fiber an important regulator of the intestinal function. Consuming the center harder portion is excellent for the stomach. The softer part is acidic and not recommended for those who suffer from stomach problems.

Pineapples are loaded with vitamins A and C an anti-aging inhibitor; an excellent toner for the skin and vision. The most important property of the pineapple is the juice which is a powerful fluid substance that has the capability of transforming the mucus – which is naturally gel – in liquid. Mucus at times can get stuck in the pulmonary walls and the respiratory system. This is to hard to let it out just by coughing, causing inflammatory diseases, and pneumonia. Remember the juice of the fruit when separated from the pulp is the best way of obtaining good results.

pexels trang doan 1092730Slice the pineapple in little cubes, and place in a glass container only. Add 15 tablespoons of pure honey and 15 drops of Propolis (this product is found in most health stores) and cover. Let it stand for 6 hours and then drain with a fine strainer, without squeezing it. Let the juice drain slowly and then store it in a dark glass container and refrigerate. It will turn into a powerful juice and can be used on colds, coughs with mucus and any respiratory system problems including sinusitis.

This can be a delicious remedy for adults and children age 3 and up. Children should take ½ tablespoon, 3 times a day, and adults 1 tablespoon, 3 times a day. The pulp part that remained can be served as a delicious dessert that will benefit the intestines. We are the direct product of what we eat and drink, and the majority of time our health depend on us!

*Deborah Lemes is anthropologist, therapist, and has a masters in Chinese Traditional Medicine. She is a longtime Soul Brasil contributor and usually writes about health and nutrition. 

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