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turismoilhadamagia03The city of Florianópolis was considered, in 2014, by an international tourism magazine, as one of the top 10 “most friendly cities” in the world, and this is due to its cordial residents. However, the city has been standing out even around the world for its many beautiful beaches, with features for all tastes.

In reality, the city is a large island and the southern beaches still maintain a rustic look, portraying the lives of fishermen. In the north, there are concentrated the most famous internationally, as the Jurerê, characterized by nightlife and glamour.

The southern beaches are marked by strong winds, cooler water and are more sought after by surfers, as is the case of Campeche Beach. It has a view of the island of Campeche, which can be visited by boat. At the south end of the island there is the Naufragados Beach, known for the trail through the mangroves and native vegetation that passes through a lighthouse, as well as Lagoinha do Leste, which can also be accessed by trails or by boat. Lagoa do Peri, although not a beach, is where the highest concentration of freshwater in the city is found.

On the other hand, at the north of the island, there are also some more reserved beaches, such as Daniela’s Beach. But undoubtedly, the northern beaches have more excitement and the beach of Canavieiras and dos Ingleses do not let us lie, as they are the most populous and busiest, even outside the summer season. Those beaches are preferred by Argentinians and Uruguayan tourists. But the north coast also stands out for its surf, and Brava Beach is a point of reference.

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At the eastern part of the island, there is the famous Lagoa da Conceição, ideal place for a beautiful boat trip or for water sports. Lagoa da Conceição is a corner of several seafood bars and restaurants and bustling nightlife. This place has even been highly praised by some of our American friends who live in Southern California, where we have lived for several years.

On this side of the island, another beach much sought after by surfers is Joaquina Beach. This is where surf circuits generally take place in Brazil and worldwide. The “Island of Magic”, as it has become known, is a melting pot of tourism options. Be it agitation or tranquility, the capital of Santa Catarina offers attractions for all tastes and pockets. After all, there are 500 km of beaches, cut by rivers and lagoons, surrounded by green mountains and preserved Atlantic Forest. A coastline blessed by nature and that has won the hearts of many European and American “gringos”, as well as Argentinian “hermanos”.

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