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This article is the sequel to a previous publication about the richness of trade fairs in Brazil. In that publication (which you can access by clicking here), we discussed the importance of the city of São Paulo, a business hub where 75% of the major trade fairs take place.

Business fairs play a significant role in Brazil’s business scenario. They are important events to promote economic development, boost trade, facilitate networking among companies and professionals, and provide a platform to launch products and services.

Check below some of the main trade fairs that take place in Brazil:

FEBRAESP – Brazil Sports Fair

The unique business exhibition in Brazil to market the sports segment with exclusivity.It reaches broad specialist public, and has the main objective of presenting new trends in clothing, footwear and sporting goods. It is held twice a year to the fall/winter and spring/summer collections.

* Place: Santa Maria/Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil * Website: * Contact: + 55 51 3584-7235


The biggest fair of sports and tourism in Latin America, the Adventure Sports Fair complete 11 years in 2011 and is growing every new edition. It brings together leading brands and market destinations, government agencies and most active NGOs in the sector.

* Place: Pavilhão de Exposições do Anhembi – São Paulo/SP – Brazil * Website: * Contact: + 55 11 5093-2217

MÓVEL BRASIL – Furniture and Decoration Fair

Aimed at professionals of the internal market, Móvel Brasil creates great business opportunities. The size of the event favors the analysis of new suppliers, cordial and close relationship with partners and the search for new tendencies.

* Place: São Bento do Sul/Santa Catarina – Brazil * Website: * Contact: + 55 47 3635-2118 or + 55 47 3635-0768


ExpoVinisBrasil2015The largest wine business gathering of Latin America exposure wine lovers for thousands of labels from around the world. Simultaneously with the exhibition occurs the “Brazil Cachaça” to promote the original Brazilian brand and “Epicure”, bring together the segments of tobacco, fine gifts and luxury goods in South America.

* Place: Expo Center Norte – Pavilhão Vermelho – São Paulo/SP – Brazil * Website: * Contact: + 55 11 3141-9444

PET SOUTH AMERICA – International Fair of Products and Services for the Pet Industry

Top annual international fair of products and services for pet and veterinary business in Latin America, Pet South America is the best opportunity to get in touch with thousands of companies in the sector in Brazil and Latin America. The audience is 100% professional, which ensures the quality and outcome of the event.

* Place: Expo Center Norte – Pavilhão Vermelho – São Paulo/SP – Brazil * Website: * Contact: 55 11 3205-5000

FIAFLORA EXPOGARDEN – International Fair of Landscape Gardening, Leisure & Flowers

In its 14th edition, Fiaflora ExpoGarden consolidate itself definitively as the main event of Landscaping, Gardening, Leisure & Flowers in Latin America, leveraging a decisive integration of complementary markets and offers its exhibitors the widest range of opportunities and expansion of business.

* Place: Pavilhão de Exposições do Anhembi – São Paulo/SP – Brazil * Website: * Contact: + 55 11 3845-0828

EXPO LOGÍSTICA RIO – International Logistics Forum

Expo Logistics Rio is recognized as the primary meeting point for industry executives. The most renowned and comprehensive logistics event in Brazil provides an environment for a high-level networking, ideal for conducting business and professional growth. The fair is held simultaneously at the International Forum on Logistics. Directed by ILOS – Institute of Logistics and Supply Chain, the forum publishes original research relevant to both the business environment on the business of the country as a whole, bringing together top professionals from Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

* Place: Centro de Convenções Intercontinental – Rio de Janeiro/RJ – Brazil * Website: * Contact: + 55 21 3035-3100 or + 55 21 3035-3238

EXPOLAZER – International Pool & Spa, and Landscape Architecture

The most important business fair in Brazil in the area of architecture, landscaping, SPA and swimming pool.

* Place: Expo Center Norte – São Paulo/SP – Brazil * Website: * Contact: +55 11 2226-3100


Bienal do livro capa siteThis year the event celebrates 26 years of successful business and cultural achievement, taking the book as the main star. In 1983, in the halls of the Hotel Copacabana Palace, an area of about 1.000 m2, it was built at the International Book Fair in Rio de Janeiro. Two years later, the scene was transferred to São Conrado Fashion Mall. In 1987, the Book Biennial Riocentro arrived with 15.000 m2, to become the most important publishing event in the country in odd years and a cultural event of national mobilization. The Book Biennial exceeds all expectations of the public, and media sales and achieves a 30% growth in each edition.

* Place: Riocentro – Rio de Janeiro/RJ – Brazil * Website: * Contact: +55 21 3035-3100


The International Book Biennial of São Paulo is the greatest moment of the book in Brazil. It plays host to a summit of leading publishers, booksellers and distributors in the country which prepare their release. A good place for business! It attracts journalists, businessmen and writers around the world and with great visibility in the media.

* Place: São Paulo/SP – Brazil * Website:

COUROMODA – International Footwear, Sporting and Leather goods Fair

Recognized as the most important shoe fair, sporting and leather goods in Latin America, Couromoda brings together 1.200 exhibitors and 65.000 trade visitors from Brazil and other 63 countries. It is held in São Paulo, Anhembi Exhibition Pavilion and it presents the first year of collections and trends in footwear, leather goods, sporting goods and fashion accessories, influencing the movement of the shoe market in the entire first semester.

* Place: Pavilhão de Exposições do Anhembi – São Paulo/SP – Brazil * Website: * Contact: +55 11 3897-6100


Feira Internacional de Mármores e Granitos StoneWhite 1 540x280The largest showcase of ornamental segment in Latin America, held in the capital of Espírito Santo, the largest processor and exporter center of this type of rock in Brazil. The diversity and beauty of the Brazilian stones enchants visitors from all over the world in its annual edition. This fair, which stands out among the five largest in the world, has established itself as one of the “engines” of the mining industry, equipment and supplies.

* Place: Parque de Exposições de Carapina – Vitória/ES – Brazil * Website: * Contact: +55 27 3434-0600

EXPOBOR – International Technology, Machinery and Rubber Artifacts Fair

The International Technology, Machinery and Rubber Artifacts Fair is the largest gathering of industry in South America and an important generator of business. The event brings together companies in the equipment, machinery, chemicals, products and services for the rubber products industry. The areas of technology, laboratory research, compounds analysis, recycling, and raw materials are having more space in each edition of Expobor, meeting the demand of its visitors. Takes place in parallel to Pneushow Recaufair, however, in separate pavilions and independent entrances.

* Place: Expo Center Norte – São Paulo/SP – Brazil * Website: * Contact: +55 11 2226-3100

FEIARTE – International Handcrafts Fair (Rio Grande do Sul Edition)

Considered the main international and national handcraft fair held at the country, along with its edition in Paraná, FEIARTE meets in each edition, about 1.000 artisans from 30 countries and 27 states and a visitor audience of 70.000 people.

* Place: Centro de Exposições FIERGS – Porto Alegre/RS – Brazil * Website: * Contact:

FEIARTE – International Handcraft Fair

Considered the leading international handcraft fair held in the country, along with its edition in Rio Grande do Sul, FEIARTE meets in each edition, about 1.000 artisans from 30 countries and 17 Brazilian states and a visitor audience of 70.000 people.

* Place: Pavilhão de Exposições do Parque Barigui – Curitiba/PR – Brazil * Website:

ARTMUNDI – International Handcrafts Fair

Handcraft products such as decorations, clothing, housewares, rugs, accessories and fashion, ethnic foods, toys, footwear, beverages, among others, have space in the annual fair.

* Place: Mendes Convention Center – Santos/SP – Brazil * Website: * Contact: +55 41 3075-1110

FCE COSMETIQUE – International Exhibition of Technology for the Cosmetic Industry

It is the only exclusive event of technology for the cosmetic industry in Latin America. FCE Cosmetique is considered by the entire industry the best platform for developing new products. On display: raw materials, packaging, equipment, and outsourcing services.

* Place: Transamérica Expo Center – São Paulo/SP – Brazil * Website: * Contact:

Congresso Estetica 010814 Foto JoseCordeiro 0338ESTÉTIKA BRASIL – International Beauty Exhibition

Estétika has established itself as the most prestigious fair of Latin American cosmetic industry. Each year it brings the best in products, services and equipment to highly qualified professionals with decision-making power in Brazil and throughout Latin America. Ideal space for an eager public for innovations and trends in Science Aesthetics and Cosmetology, the fair has important role in growth of the market. In its latest edition, generated millions in business and attracted more than 160 exhibiting brands.

* Place: Pavilhão de Exposições do Parque Anhembi – São Paulo/SP – Brazil * Website: * Contact:

FIMAI – International Fair of Industrial Environment and Sustainability

The International Industrial Environment and Sustainability is considered the most important trade fair for the industrial environment in Latin America. It is an excellent choice to show the best and the most advanced environmental technology. It is a great attraction for investors and entrepreneurs and abroad who wish to strengthen contacts with companies in the industry, do business and expand network of business relationships.

* Place: Expo Center Norte – Pavilhão Azul – São Paulo/SP – Brazil * Website: * Contact:

AGRISHOW – International Agricultural Technology in Action Fair

The first edition of Agrishow happened in 1994. Over the years the fair has established itself as the leading event of the segment in Latin America, with a concept of dynamic agricultural fair, that is, a fair that is not just a static display, but with demonstrations of machinery, equipment and farm implements in action.

* Place: Secretaria de Agricultura e Abastecimento do Estado de São Paulo – Pólo Regional de Desenvolvimento Tecnológico dos Agronegócios do Centro-Leste/Centro de Cana. Rodovia Antonio Duarte Nogueira Km 321 – Ribeirão Preto/SP – Brazil * Website:


The Tourism Fair was planned as a strategy of the Programme of Tourism Regionalization and released in April 2004 by the Tourism Ministry to be a space to promote and support the marketing of structured questionnaires for the Program. The event is divided into modules of activities: Sightseeing Fair, Showcase Brazil, Business Roundtable, Core Knowledge, Promotional Missions (Caravan Press Trips and Brazil) and Area Marketing and selling of products and tourism services exclusively Brazilian.

* Place: São Paulo/SP – Brazil * Website: * Contact: +55 61 2023-8115

AUTOMEC – International Trade Fair for Automotive Parts, Equipment & Services

It’s a great business opportunity for those who wish to explore innovations and solutions in systems and parts, accessories and tuning, repair and maintenance, IT and management.

* Place: Pavilhão de Exposições do Anhembi – São Paulo/SP – Brazil * Website: * Contact:

EXPO LOGÍSTICA SÃO PAULO – International Forum on Innovation in Logistics

In 2010 Sao Paulo won an ideal environment for conducting business and networking among executives engaged in the development process of Logistics & Supply Chain, Logistics Expo. Already consolidated in Rio de Janeiro in 2010 presented to the city of São Paulo the most advanced solutions for the industry. The show runs concurrently Log Future – by ILOS forum held in conjunction with AMR Research, the most renowned Research Institute of the sector in the U.S. – which discusses the future of the business environment and its development in Logistics & Supply Chain.

* Place: Fecomercio – São Paulo/SP – Brazil * Website: * Contact: + 55 21 3035-3100 or + 55 21 3035-3238

GLASS SOUTH AMERICA – International Technology and Design for Glass Industry Fair

In its 9th edition, Glass South America is the largest event for the industry architectural glass, furniture, automotive and construction industries in Latin America. It presents the latest releases and applications of glass and the latest technologies and techniques for the glass processing.

* Place: Transamérica Expo Center – São Paulo/SP – Brazil * Website: * Contact: 703-4882700 (USA)


Promoted by Fagga Events, Book Biennial of Minas Gerais is the most important cultural event of the state to democratize culture, books and reading, being in a rich area in opportunities for both the visitors and for exhibitors. Regard to the exposure of thousands of domestic and foreign books, a diverse cultural programming for people of all ages, interests and social classes and significant numbers that prove its success.

* Place: Minas Gerais/BH – Brazil * Website: * Contact: +55 31 3223-4500 or + 55 31 3223-2634

HOTEL MIX EXPO – Suppliers of Equipment, Products and Services for Hotels, Bars and Restaurants Exhibition

The Mix Bar & Restaurant Hotel Expo is the only show for the North and Northeast, addressed to the dynamic hospitality industry. The event takes place in the market for further expansion of tourism in Brazil, which is attended by more than eight thousand forms of accommodation, 100.000 bars, restaurants and food service. The fair has integrated its events to the MIT International Exhibition of Tourism & Business Roundtable, with technical talks with business training and a gastronomic arena sponsored by the city of Recife.

* Place: Brazil * Website: * Contact: +55 11 3567-1890

REABILITAÇÃO – Technology and Assistance Fair

The fair is held simultaneously with the Hospitalar – International Fair of Products, Equipment, Services and Technology for Hospitals, Laboratories, Pharmacies, Clinics and Medical Offices.

* Place: Expo Center Norte – São Paulo/SP – Brazil * Website: * Contact:

FCE PHARMA – International Exhibition of Technology for the Pharmaceutical Industry

In its 16th edition FCE Pharma remained the most important trade fair for suppliers of raw materials, packaging and equipment for the pharmaceutical industry in Latin America. New solutions and technology for development of new products with more competitive costs for pharmaceutical industry professionals who work and manage areas: commercial, marketing, administrative, procurement, research and development, production, quality control, distribution, import and export.

* Place: Transamérica Expo Center – São Paulo/SP – Brazil * Website: * Contact:

BRASIL SCREEN & DIGITAL SHOW – International Exhibition of Screen Printing and Digital Printing

640x480 31b52f7f2ff053272654b079b646992eThe creation of Brazil Screen & Digital Show was created in the FIEPAG (2006) with the successful Screen Printing Island. After the event, exhibitors have suggested to Reed Exhibitions Alcantara Machado the creation of an event for the particular segment. Thus emerged Brazil Screen & Digital Show, aiming to meet the needs of the segment and at the same time, complement and further emphasize the mix of products and services of the International Week of Packaging, Printing and Logistics.

* Place: Pavilhão de Exposições do Anhembi – São Paulo/SP – Brazil * Website: * Contact: +55 11 3060-5000

GEO SUMMIT LATIN AMERICA – International Fair and Congress for Geo Information

It presents new trends, products and services for integrated solutions for mapping, localization, navigation, geographic location and geographic analysis for management of public and private companies. Simultaneous events: GEO Brasil, GEO Óleo e Gás, GEO Infra-estrutura, GEO Mineração e GEO Cidades.

* Place: Centro de Exposição Imigrantes – São Paulo/SP – Brazil * Website:

TECNO LÁCTEA & SORVETES – International Fair of Technology for the Dairy Industry, Derivatives and Ice Cream

Tecno Láctea & Sorvetes is an event focused on buying and selling of equipment and inputs for the production of milk products and ice cream. The fair concentrate qualified visitors composed of the major purchase decisions, professional training through courses and seminars in partnership with key agencies and key industry players.

* Place: Expo Center Norte – São Paulo/SP – Brazil * Website: www.btsmedia.blz * Contact: simone.martinho@btsmedia.blz

EXPOGESTÃO – National Fair of Management Products and Services

Expogestão 2011 will bring together companies, professionals, products, services and technologies related to modern management in a business environment conducive to expansion of relationships, reflecting the trends and technologies applicable to business management. The event gathers three distinct spaces: fair, workshops and congress.

* Place: Centreventos Cau Hansen – Joinville/Santa Catarina – Brazil * Website: * Contact: organizaçã

PROTECTION OFFSHORE – Fair and International Conference on Health and Environment of the Offshore Oil Industry

The Offshore Protection brings together market leaders in the offshore industry, with numerous suppliers of products and services related to environmental protection, industrial safety, health and infrastructure services to the community. The visiting public comprises leading executives in the sectors of environmental protection and health, opinion leaders, state and federal authorities, the municipalities of Bacia de Campos, members of regulatory agencies, NGOs and community leaders.

* Place: Macaé Centro – Centro Municipal de Convenções – Rio de Janeiro/RJ – Brazil * Website: * Contact:

AMBIENTAL EXPO – International Fair of Equipment and Solutions for the Environment

GEDC0053AMBIENTAL is the ideal platform for the encounter between companies, national and international investors, government agencies and service providers, stimulating the exchange of experiences and information about market needs and technological innovations, the main generator of business center, relationships and knowledge of Latin America.

* Place: Pavilhão de Exposições do Parque Anhembi – São Paulo/SP – Brazil * Website: * Contact:

FENATERCI – National Fair of Industrial Recycling Technologies

Because of its aim to become a reference event focused on issues surrounding the benefits to the environment, FCEM group launched the National Fair Technologies Industrial Recycling (FENATERCI) in Porto Alegre, the Events Center of the Federation of Industries of Rio Grande do Sul (FIERGS), the event will bring to Porto Alegre, the capital, machinery, equipment, services, products and institutions that operate in the environmental segment.

* Place: Porto Alegre – Rio Grande do Sul/RS – Brazil * Website: * Contact: +55 51 3338-0800

FRANCAL 2011 – International Fair of Fashion Footwear and Accessories

Top Brazilian fair business sector of footwear and fashion accessories is the most important event of the year for Brazilian manufacturers for the domestic market and the best scenario for trade relations with foreign markets. FRANCAL is recognized as the most international trade fair for the American continent, these segments, the large volume of international buyers coming to Brazil in search of quality and design in Brazil. Held annually in July, officially launches the spring/summer collections.

* Place: Pavilhão de Exposições do Parque do Anhembi – São Paulo/SP – Brazil * Website: * Contact:

INTERSEG – International Fair of Technologies, Services and Products for Public Safety

fotoThe largest business event in the area of public security in South America is the big stage for launching the industry. The fair provides public safety professionals a unique opportunity to discover, assess, compare and ask questions about new methodologies and equipment for modernization and better operate their organizations. Held for eight years, INTERSEG has gone through several states of Brazil, always in partnership with the local Departments of Public Safety.

* Place: Riocentro – Rio de Janeiro/RJ – Brazil * Website: * Contact: +55 21 3035-3100

PHOTO IMAGE BRAZIL – International Image Trade Fair

It presents the latest in traditional and digital photography and everything connected with the sector, bringing together in one place the major manufacturers, dealers and importers of photographic equipment and accessories. In parallel to exhibition also take place congresses and conferences, events that together transform opportunities into big negotiations.

* Place: Transamérica Expo Center – São Paulo/SP – Brazil * Website: * Contact:

BROADCAST & CABLE – International Fair of Technology, Equipment and Services for Television Engineering, Broadcasting and Telecommunications

The main event of Engineering TV, Radio and Telecommunications in Latin America is designed for professionals, entrepreneurs and executives in the market of production and distribution of multimedia electronic content, including public and cable TV, radio, internet, industry, manufacturing and telecommunications.

* Place: Centro de Exposições Imigrantes – São Paulo/SP – Brazil * Website:

BEAUTY FAIR – Latin American Fair of Cosmetics and Beauty

Beauty Fair is a trade show, formatted to fit the entire production chain segment of beauty, from industry to the professional consumer. Its target public: industries, distributors, retailers, stylists, makeup artists, beauticians, podiatrists, Spa’s in Brazil and Latin America.

* Place: Expo Center Norte – São Paulo/SP – Brazil * Website: * Contact:

FENASUCRO & AGROCANA – Trade Fair of Agriculture and Sugar Cane Technology

Agrocana happens simultaneously to Fenasucro, XIX International Sugarcane Trade Fair, thus creating a more complex exposure of the sugarcane industry, which will be exposed to the most modern technology available for the segment.

* Place: Centro de Eventos Zanini – Sertãozinho/SP – Brazil * Website: * Contact:


palnejamento financeiro expo money bIt presents the main themes of Financial Education and the World of Investments, as a practical and objective form, allowing people to interact with the investment market. Money Expo events are designed with a very special dynamic to make the subject more accessible to participants, while contemplating themes of interest to the experienced investor, through a unique opportunity to broaden their knowledge and develop new areas for your investor profile.

* Place: São Paulo/SP – Brasil * Website: * Contact: +55 11 3094-3442

EQUIPOTEL – International Fair of Equipment, Products and Services for Hotels & Restaurants

The largest and most complete fair in the field in Latin America, attract visitors from all parts of Brazil and foreign interested in innovations and making good business through different and simultaneous events.

* Next Event: September 12 to 15, 2011. * Place: Pavilhão de Exposições do Parque Anhembi – São Paulo/SP – Brazil * Website: * Contact:

FEINDI – Fair & Business Subcontracting Industry

FEINDI’s main objective is to gather in one place all the industrial subcontracting chain (suppliers, service providers and inputs), and presents new technologies and provides a direct channel between contractors. It is the best form of interaction between supply and demand for products, services and inputs, which provides decision-making, quick business and beneficial to all industries.

* Place: Pavilhão de Exposições do Anhembi – São Paulo/SP – Brazil * Website: * Contact: + 55 11 3060-5000

TECNO BEBIDA LATIN AMERICA – International Fair of Technology and Solutions for the Beverage Industry

The most important fair in Latin America focused exclusively on technology for the beverage industry. It has surpassed expectations in each edition, with the participation of the leading suppliers to the beverage industry in Brazil and other countries, with visitation of industry professionals, highly skilled.

* Place: XXX * Website: * Contact: + 55 11 3205-5000

EXPO MUSIC – International Music Fair

expomusic aconteceu em são paulo 696x462The biggest fair of Latin American music is the greatest moment of the segment where musicians and music professionals are updated with new releases and products of major brands of musical instruments, audio, lighting and accessories. Business moves that represent significant portions of the annual turnover of the sector, stimulating the development of the music industry in the country Expomusic is expected by professional musicians in general.

* Place: Expo Center Norte – São Paulo/SP – Brazil * Website: * Contact:


The first event in Brazil aimed exclusively to women, with the proposal to be “The National Meeting of the Modern Woman” and to provide updated information, welfare and entertainment for the female audience.

* Place: Centro de Convenções de Goiânia – Goiás/GO – Brazil * Website: * Contact: +55 62 3241-1234

HAIR BEAUTY – International Beauty, Hair and Esthetics Fair

The most complete event of national beauty, Hair Beauty is the meeting point between the major suppliers and professional markets of Hair, Beauty and Wellness. The event brings together the entire beauty industry, from manufacturers, distributors and importers of raw materials, products and equipment to owners and professionals in hairdressing salons, spas and beauty centers.

* Place: Riocentro – Rio de Janeiro/RJ – Brazil * Website: * Contact:


Over 100 exhibitors will receive an audience of approximately 180.000 visitors to browse, select, buy books and travel through imagination. The Book Biennial of Paraná entertains all audiences. Its extensive cultural program enables the meeting of visitors with those who are the major protagonists of the event: authors, writers, poets and thinkers.

* Place: Estação Convention Center – Curitiba/PR – Brazil * Website:

FFATIA –Trade and Technology Update Food Industry Fair

It was created with the objective of bringing up the pros and enterprises in their place of origin, all the knowledge and technology suppliers to the food industry were already present in the main centers for fairs and events (Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro). It creates the opportunity to update the greatest possible number of professionals and companies. The FFATIA is directed to professionals in the food and beverages, meat products, dairy and sugar cane.

* Place: Centro de Convenções de Goiânia – Goiás/GO – Brazil * Website: * Contact: +55 16 2132-8936


The event brings together leading network of franchises in all industries, franchisees and individuals interested in investing in their own business. Its main objective is to promote the realization of business and expansion of franchise networks. Lectures and workshops discussing the strategic aspects of marketing and franchising of the universe, addressing issues of training and market analysis run simultaneously to the exhibition.

* Place: Riocentro – Rio de Janeiro/RJ – Brazil * Website: * Contact:

EXPOSYSTEMS – International Congress and Exhibition of Integrated Solutions for Fairs and Events

The main meeting point for experts in trade fairs and corporate events in the country, especially the Latin American. The event includes the exhibition of suppliers to trade shows and corporate events and Congress, aligning knowledge and networking. The topics presented at the conference pointed out the trends and innovations in marketing strategies and promotional events for exhibitors, agents and organizers.

* Place: Transamérica Expo Center – São Paulo/SP – Brazil * Website: * Contact: or + 55 11 3025 – 5555

* This valuable guide about the most important business trade fairs in Brazil has the website and/or email/phone contact for the respective expo/fair. For future dates/events, just check their websites or be in touch sending a email or calling the respective contact phone number.  If you have any suggestion please contact us and will be our please to review it – 

** Alia Ponte is a journalist, publicist and translator for many languages including Spanish, French and English. She is a native from Sao Paulo, Brazil and lives in Los Angeles, California. 

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