012One of the most prominent Latino Film Festivals in the USA, LALIFF promotes the richness and diversity of Latin Cinema by showcasing films from the United States, Latin America, Central America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal.

The Film Festival celebrates the work of existing and emerging Latino talent while creating a bridge between independent filmmakers and the film industry in Hollywood. LALIFF serves as a catalyst for the promotion and distribution of Latino films, presenting feature films, documentaries, shorts and special screenings. The films showcase a wide variety of themes by Latino filmmakers, producers, writers and actors, as well as movies that depict Latino culture. It is a competitive festival with prizes and a venue where filmmakers come together with buyers and distributors.

The Annual Film Festival happens in the heart of Hollywood and usually, every year, includes Brazilian Films and the participation of actors and directors from the country of Samba and Capoeira. It also facilitates meetings and keeps a video library for Hollywood executives, as well offers industry workshops, panels, labs, networking receptions, educational programs, and hosts some of the best Galas in Tinseltown.

To know more about the LALIFF, submit films for the festival or check their full program and schedule visit www.latinofilm.org

* Julia Melim is a Brazilian actress, TV host/reporter and writer. She lives between Rio, Los Angeles, New York and Miami. She is a long-time Soul Brasil contributor writer – www.juliamelim.com

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