By Lindenberg Junior

21ad43cd8bb3d28d60fb2d662909908d.900x596x1What I’m referring to is that annoying alarm clock buzzing in your ear at the crack of dawn… then the mad dash in gridlock traffic to bust your butt trading hours for dollars making someone else rich while you and your family seem to barely scrape by.

This may or may not be your exact daily experience, but let’s face it. It’s the reality of most people living in America, Australia, Germany, Argentina, Brazil and many countries these days. That is the ones who still have a “J.O.B” (in other words, also “Just Over Broke”).

A short time ago I found myself in this very boat, full of fear and frustration. This had gone on years ago and I wondered if it was even possible to escape the rat-race. My spirit was weary and beat down! I lied to myself saying it was just the economy, but tragically… it was much worse than that! I was a slave of the new generation. Think about it. Slavery is still alive and thriving here in many locations around the world inclusive here in U.S!

The truth is that it’s just been disguised so the majority buys into it. The new slave owners of today are heading up “Corporate America” (Corporate Brazil, etc) commanding and leveraging the weary masses who continue to blindly punch their time-clocks for pennies on the dollar (or pesos, reais, etc). They tell us how much we’re worth, they tell us when and how long we need to work… and they ultimately command our lives and control our destiny. At least, if you let them…but there is another way, a proven model that allows you to take back control.

The first step is to realize you have shackles around your ankles! Then, once your mind and eyes are open, search for a better way. A game change! A way to take back your life and have it under control. I am writing those words with the only intention of open your eyes for new opportunities and possibilities that, in a way or another should be passing in front of you, maybe today, maybe in thirty days, etc.

Put your communication to work talking with people you love and care (put sometimes is necessary to avoid those that usually do not have positive attitudes) and put your intuition to work taking time for yourself and listing your inner being. Still have doubts? Ask your guardian angel to show you sights. Do not believe in guardian angels? Ask someone that you trust and believe. What is important is empowered yourself to make this life-changing happens.

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