zeca pagodinho 1 1200x720 1Jessé Gomes da Silva Filho, known professionally as Zeca Pagodinho, is a Brazilian singer-songwriter working in the genres of samba and pagode.

He started his career as a child in the 1970s and became a regular performer in samba gatherings, where he perfected a samba style known as Pagode. This new style triggered a samba revival in the 1980’s, when Zeca became known as its true face.

Pagode is characterized by louder steel strung and percussive instruments. The lyrics remain true to the way people actually speak in the streets of Rio, with colorful slangs and plenty of rhythm.

Zeca Pagodinho is regarded by the samba traditionalists as a rare talent in the partido-alto lineage. At the same time he is a commercial success.

Having won several gold and platinum records with his albums, he had compositions recorded by Beth Carvalho (“Dor de Amor”), Alcione (“Mutirão de Amor”), and Jorge Aragão (“O Vôo do Albatroz”), and was paid tribute by Aldir Blanc and Moacyr Luz with “Anjo da Velha Guarda.”

Born in the working-class suburb of Irajá, Rio’s north side, the artist has 15 albums, 3 DVDs and 4 awards for the “Best Samba/Pagode album” Latin Grammy under his belt. He is a samba and pagode brazilian celebrity.

Zeca Pagodinho U.S Tour 2023 have various stops in different venues and cities including California where will performed for the first time. Los Angeles concert will be at The Globe in downtown L.A on Wed, June 7 and you can BUY TICKETS and get full details HERE.


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