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Managers Daniel Siegert and Claudia Santos

Already known to many who reside in Southern California for its two restaurants in Greater Los Angeles – Farmers Market (The Grove) and Overland Blvd (Culver City), Pampas Grill opened the third restaurant in Burbank on October 12. The new establishment has a pretty cool bar and plasma TVs in the dining room broadcasting sports events such as soccer and basketball. You are able to drink a variety of caipirinha versions as well other cocktails, beer and wine. On Thursday, Oct 12nd, they invite the media and some friends for a pre-opening party.

The owners Francisco and César decided to maintain the same concept that made this restaurant a reference of Brazilian homemade style food presenting a fast food style service with a wide variety in the buffet and meat cut to perfection.  In a recently conversation with the co-owner Francisco, we asked what he thought the reason was for the recent growth in popularity of Brazilian restaurants, especially churrascarias. The answer was an insightful one: “The difference of style, the abundance of a desired and expensive product like meat in America, our special seasoning allied with good music like chorinho and Bossa Nova are some of the reasons”.

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The bar and the bartender

By the way, the owners is planning live Brazilian music during the weekends for the “Pampas Grill and Bar” Burbank. A new location to listen the best of Bossa Nova and MPB (Musica Popular Brasileira) together with eat the best of Brazilian cuisine and drink the best of Brazilian and international drinks is “on”:  269 E Palm Ave, Burbank, CA 91502. To know more or to check job opportunities visit ***As grand opening promotion, they have extended the 50% discount (not valid for drinks and desert. Only in Burbank and until November 30 (2017). Do not miss this opportunity! ***


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