By Laís Oliveira | Translation: Lindenberg Junior


pexels los muertos crew 7616804In just over 20 years of the internet, the world has (re)discovered love. With social networks and chat services, natural environments also appeared to find the soul mate, and stories of couples formed in the network have become common. Each type of application and network has a particular appeal. Some focus on the image and mood; others good conversation is offered. The important thing is that the network has become a kind of filter to find the right person.

If you go back three decades ago, it will probably be difficult to find people with affective relationships that began not face shape. But the platforms and social media that have emerged over the years on the Internet marked epochs and were watersheds in order to relate and find a new love.

MIRC, ICQ, Chat Sites, Myspace, MSN, and Orkut were sites and programs accessed worldwide and exploded in some countries like the United States and Brazil, between the late 90’s and half of 2000. Many relations started within them and lasted to the present day. This served as a bridge to discover true soulmates, since the focus of most of them was to unite people through their tastes in common places they liked to attend, and causes they supported.

During those years it was becoming common for people to know each other in chat sites, then left for a private program messaging to subsequently meet in person and from that date. Many suspected that this fashion caught on, but the thing was so serious that even encounters between people from different countries were scheduled. Others, not expecting a face to face meeting and have assumed a virtual serious relationship, even without the family knowing.

From MIRC to Tinder

This immediacy so striking of the digital age has given rise to several relationships platforms that were gradually leaving the old behind, they gained new functions and improvements. Currently, among some social networks and useful applications to dating relationships are Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, Tumblr, and yes, Tinder and others.

The success of these platforms is given essentially by practicality. Even though many of them have served for quick dating or adventurous relationships, you can not deny that they are a new way to meet and create links that can result in relationships without measuring distances, either by friendship or love, lasting and profound.

pexels tan danh 773124There are those who are against this type of relationship and end up defining them as superficial and incomplete, but it is valuable to analyze that human contact still exists even if mediated by applications on mobile and a computer website. The level of interaction may vary, but in general, the mechanisms that we have at our disposal allow a direct and almost uninterrupted contact with people far away, as the internet, even away from home, is common in various social classes thanks to plans mobile internet, and this contributes to the construction of numerous and lasting ties.

The exhibition of social networking can somehow mean the absence of some key surprises for the conquest, such as the first look or the way of speaking. But the mysteries of affection were not and probably never will be abolished by the presence of the internet in the mediation of human relations. We are social beings by nature, no matter the means we use to relate.


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