Image_Web_Sept 14_Oscar_The Second MotherThe film “Que Horas Ela Volta?” or in English “The Second Mother” was selected as best film at the Berlin Festival by the audience and earned the actresses Casé and Márdila the Jury Prize at Sundance Film Festival. The film is the Brazilian big competing for one of the five slots in the Best Foreign Language Film category at the Oscars in 2016, and the submission, announced by the Ministry of Culture on Thursday, Sept 10, confirms expectations around the production.

Directed by Anna Muylert, the film narrates the relationship between a housekeeper named Val (Regina Casé) and her employers, after her daughter, Jéssica (Camila Márdila), goes to live at the family’s house for a while.

“The Second Mother” brought almost 70 thousand people to the country’s theaters during the first two weeks. It is with the Brazilian audience that the film director Muylaert hopes that the Ministry of Culture will resonate as the selection can expand the film’s viewing to theaters on the outskirts.

“There is an audience that is aware, more elite. But I think the film’s nature is popular. We don’t have money to advertise on buses, metro, etc and the nomination could make it so that the film has wider reach. For me, that’s the big news”, said the director Muylert.

Brazil hasn’t been nominated for the category Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars since 1999, when “Central do Brasil” by Walter Salles, was selected. The five films for the respective category will be announced in January, 2016. To make it to the final, the Brazilian film must stand out among heavy competitors such as the Chilean “O Clube”, by Pablo Larraín and the Hungarian “Saul Fia”.

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