By Julie-Ann Blackmore

beach 2546765 960 720Which one are you? Are you perhaps the surfer that likes to look at the wave and then sits around waiting for it all day? Are you only able to enjoy the sport when the wave approaches? Always relying on something else is creating this opportunity for fun. Or are you the surfboard? You know that you have been the surfer and now are willing to be the tool that the surfer uses to ride the waves of life? Or are you, the teacher that teaches the surfer how to surf.

You’ve been there, done it and brought the T-shirt so now you feel qualified to teach it. Are you really qualified to teach what you know or do you just think you are? Are you really teaching what you know or merely what someone else has told you to teach? Are you a free flowing teacher or are you conditioned and rigid in your way of thinking? You decide on that one? I can’t help you anymore. What I can do, however is teach you how to become the wave.

When you are the wave – that is the fun part, you no longer need to wait around for opportunity to find you. You are the opportunity. No longer need to ride the wave of life. You are the wave of life. No longer need to teach in a rigid or inflexible, board like manner, you are your own teacher and as such can teach in the way that you really do know how to teach. Be that through words, pictures, movement, figures, stories, whatever is right for you will come down your channel as soon as you recognize yourself and let go of the rubbish that is currently blocking it up.

And how do you let go of all the rubbish? Easy, just stop thinking more rubbish for a start. Then use whatever method you have available to learn how to ride the waves of opportunity. You make a commitment to be true to yourself and open yourself to allowing other waves to come into your life, and offer their gifts of love to help you to change. You commit to being you and start to listen to the words of wisdom being fed your mind down your own tunnel of love. You commit to being you and start living as you, for you.

No longer following the crowd because you feel you have to, rather letting others follow you if they choose to. You let go of the need to please others by what or who you are, and just know that when you have accepted who you are then you can never offend or hurt another. It just isn’t possible because you can only get pure energy down your tunnel. That is why my mind calls it light and love. Your mind may know it as something different. And that is why I am the wave and you are the surfer.

I was the surfer and then I was the surfboard and then I was the teacher and now finally I am the wave. I no longer sit around waiting for opportunities to come my way to help me to grow. I am the opportunity. These words are your wave. Ride it on your board. Accept who you are and then let others see this and begin to accept you too. Once only the humble surfer who didn’t know how to surf, then the teacher that taught the surfer, then the surfboard that needed no one to control it and finally the wave that controls all.

Your mind may like to call this egotistical and that is because you haven’t let go of your mind. Let go of your mind and find out today the beauty that is in you, and create the life you choose by doing absolutely nothing. Choose life and you, and watch the seeds that you have been planting over time suddenly grow to fruition and be ready for harvesting. Don’t worry about picking them your self, let somebody else do that who still likes to do all the hard work. You sit back and reap the rewards.

The wave doesn’t do anything to be a wave. It doesn’t need to go anywhere or have anything or be anything other than a wave. Yet look at the power the wave has, the strength that it has to carry not only a surfboard and then a surfer on top of the board to the shore. Look how the wave just goes back and forth doing what it is here to do, minding its own business.

autoestima 628x314Notice how the surfer seeks the wave out not the other way round. And why is this? The surfer is dependant on the wave for their fun. The wave is not dependant on anything or anyone. It knows it is part of the ocean and if there were no waves then the ocean would be no more. You know that you are part of life and the universe, and without you and lots of us, there would be no life or universe. Or if you don’t know it yet, you will.

And not only is the surfer dependant on the wave for fun, they also need the surfboard, and if they don’t want to teach themselves how to surf then they need a teacher. How complicated and needy is that? Wouldn’t you prefer to be the wave and be needy of no one and get everything you want? So you can join me in this big ocean and recognise the power that you have in you.

*Julie-Ann Blackmore is from England and currently lives in Santa Barbara, California. She focuses her time on the expansion of the mind whilst living a life of ease fulfilling all of her dreams. She offers her findings of truth in books, poems, seminars, paintings and individual /group sessions.  Visit

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