By Laís Oliveira | Translation: Amanda Peter

torres rs 1The most beautiful beaches of Rio Grande do Sul, the last state of South Brazil, are located in the city of Torres. The city was named in consequence of the cliffs in front of the ocean and surrounded by towers of large rocks from the Jurassic period. It is estimated that basaltic rocks have an average of 140 million years. Torres is located on the north coast of the state and borders with the state of Santa Catarina.

Torres is very enchanting and attracts visitors of all kinds. Groups of young adults, couples, and families pack the beaches during summertime. Its coast is formed by the following beaches: Guarita, Prainha, Cal, Grande, and Molhes. No one denies that its landscape is breathtaking.

Guarita Beach, located in Guarita Park and surrounded by cliffs, is considered the most beautiful beach of the city. Guarita Park’s gardens were designed by Burle Marx, a known landscaper responsible for designing Brasilia’s (capital of Brazil) gardens. Its sea has turbulent, yet crystalline waters, and attracts surfers and water sports enthusiasts in general. This paradise also has preserved native forests. Visitors often go hiking at dusk to enjoy the sunset.

Meanwhile, Molhes Beach is located on the border of the state. It has golden and thick sand and is bathed by clear waters. This beach is also great for surfing and playing soccer. On May dolphins often show up to amuse the visitors. Cal Beach is located at a privileged area and is very popular among surfers and swimmers. It has plenty of bars and restaurants that offer their guests the best of the local cuisine.

Image Travel Torres 4 Grande beach is one of the most urbanized beaches in the region and has an excellent infrastructure. Many think its the ideal spot for a calm and relaxing swim, but it is also a venue to concerts and sporting events that cheers the city. Prainha Beach, despite being considered the most peaceful and relaxing of all Torres’ beaches, has very turbulent waters that are not recommended for bathing. However, its magnificent natural beauty makes this beach worthy of a visit!

Torres also has other insteresting touristic spots such as the church of São Domingos, Morro (Hill) do Farol Torre, Lagoa (Lake) do Guitão, Lobos Island, Mampituba River and events such as the International Balloon Festival that takes place between April and May every year. Depending on the time of year, you can also spot sea lions, whales, porpoises and seagulls! The city of Torres is a paradise in the extreme south coast of Brazil to be explored and contemplated!


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