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Image Community Adriana Chaves 12 e1707266036147Adriana has a life path marked by audacious changes, self-knowledge and personal achievements, from her adolescence in Brazil to the establishment of her family and career in America. Born in the city of Rio de Janeiro, her parents divorced when she was still very young. At age 16, she convinced her family to move to the city of Maceió, in northeast Brazil, where she and her sisters went to live with her father. After completing her studies, she returned to Rio de Janeiro to face new challenges.

Her 21 years were marked by a time of great transformation. Having a stable relationship and job at the time, the young Adriana realized that her passion was not aligned with the path she was following. “What I studied wasn’t for me. I didn’t want to marry my boyfriend. So, at a friend’s farewell party who was going to Miami, I said I was going to visit her. Three months later I dropped out of college and went to Orlando with my best friend”, says Adriana.

The two friends arrived in Florida in August 1987. “The plan was to continue traveling around the country, improving my English, assimilating new culture. However, I started to fall in love with the beaches of California, in particular, Malibu”, explains the Brazilian.

It was at this time that the Brazilian consolidated a Zen lifestyle. “I started going to the Lake Shrine, founded by Paramahansa Yogananda in Pacific Palisades (Los Angeles) to meditate and complete my first SRF certificate meditation course, she details. From those times Adriana embraced a new phase of deep personal understanding in her life.

Adriana’s first years in America built a remarkable life as wife and mother but also as a professional. She married and had children, worked in schools and explored several ventures, such as selling bikinis and clothing from Brazil to different stores in Los Angeles

In 1996, Adriana started working for United Airlines, a turning point that led her to discover her true passion: helping people. “Creating solutions and seeing smiles was the most rewarding part of my work at United. Bring peace to chaotic moments. After all, traveling often comes with a bit of stress,” she says.Image Community Adriana Chaves 7

In 2008, she went through a challenging period. “I faced a turbulent divorce, which resulted in a lot of financial debt. I worked shifts of 12 and even 16 hours daily, six times a week, to support my children,” she says. However, according to her, her determination only grew stronger.

Adriana became a life coach as well as yoga and meditation teacher for friends and family. And in 2020, the pandemic brought a positive twist to Adriana’s life, leading her to an early retirement from United Airlines that allowed her to focus on her soul purpose: serving and empowering others.

“Nowadays I have several certifications in the holistic and well-being area. I am a meditation and Ayurvedic health teacher at the Chopra Center, a certified Hypnotherapist by the University of Hypnosis, as well as certified Monologist with Hay House”, Adriana tells us. She serves clients online in various parts of the globe and conducts in-person Energy Healing and Mindfulness workshops, in addition to offering group Meditations every Friday.

Despite her entire journey in the United States, Adriana has always maintained a strong bond with her Brazilian roots. The distance only strengthened his spirit and connection with Brazil, a rich country, spiritually and culturally. In her own words, “My life today is a reflection of all the best in Brazil, along with all the best here in the U.S.” Her trajectory echoes the message that, through resilience and love, it is possible to build a rich and meaningful life, no matter where we are! To known more about Adriana, we invite you to visit her website.

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