By Magali da Silva 

photographer gc234d9ef2 1920Here in this article I will try to give you some alternatives ideas for travel around the world with low or almost no cost. I am doing this because with more than 20 years of travel experience, also I know that there are a large group of people that won’t be able to afford to travel.

I can tell you that with some free time and a goal in your mind you can travel and even stay in locations around the globe for free (also check my previous article about homeexchange program), or at least for the closest thing to it if you be able to do a little work for the privilege. This could mean running around or calling several dozen offices, or writing and mailing a few letters before hitting upon the source that can give you the free trip or stay you want.

Be a Tour Leader– If you have a group of friends with the same interest, you can incentive them for a trip together, and you will take charge of the administrative work to set up the group with your travel agent. If you have a group of 15, depends of travel season and airline, you can have your ticket for free working together with this respective travel agent.

Be a Courier– Everyday, many companies have to send important time sensitive documents or packages coast to coast or overseas at the last minute. And in order to get these documents delivery quickly as possible, they use air couriers. As an air courier you fly just like any passenger, but you have no checked baggage, just the right for your carry-ons. Why? Because for travel for free or for the low coast the courier company placed aboard the time-sensitive materials in the plane as your passenger baggage.Update: this works well for years and still works, but less because several airlines have cut or lowered the amount of free baggage and / or baggage weight.

Be an Airline Worker– Generally you must be a full-time airline employee for 6 consecutive months at least. InImage Travel Job in the Industry some cases however, part-time workers qualify for this freebies if the sum of their work hours amounts to 6 months of full-time employment.

Deadheading– Delivering a car to a distant city is a alternative way to cut down travel expenses. There are “driveaway” agencies located in most major U.S cities and around the world. Google for “Automobile Transporters and/or Drive-Away Companies”.

Be a Travel Writer– If you have the ability to write with a bit of good sense and determination you may be able to get free travel from some national tourist bureaus, resorts or airline or be paid for some specialty travel magazines. A good place to check for travel writing assignments is the Travel Writer Market. Google for it or for similar terms/keywords.

Gambling– In U.S if you are a gambler, chances are that you have be invited on an “all-expenses-paid trip to a gambling casino in Vegas or Reno, or Atlantic City. The clincher here, of course, is that guest must hand over “front money” (usually between 3 and 5 thousand) before take-off: upon arrival, they can draw chips against this money. It is possible to convert all the chops back into cash, slowly, but surely, and depart with your money intact.

Work on a Ship– While cruise liners usually hire “name” entertainers only, other lines concentrate on getting agreeable entertainers for the best price. In fact, it’s possible to get a shipboard job as a gamer, social or cruise director – and get paid. Here, enthusiasm is a must since the purpose of these jobs is to see that passengers must never get bored.

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