site viagensIn this new era of different platforms and travel websites, you may be, have used one or more of them to purchase airline tickets or hotel rooms, but attention, sometimes this platforms and website are hyden the full story on costs. Especially during weekends and holidays, do a little homework before you hand over your money.

Beware of travel scams

A survey (2017) conducted by the American Hotel & Lodging Association found that 23% of consumers reported being duped by a third-party travel reseller. While the AHLA has a vested interest in persuading consumers to book directly with its member airlines and hotels, there’s little question that some information on third-party sites is confusing at best and misleading at worst.

Some online travel agencies and even hotel websites quote prices for a hotel stay that don’t include taxes and other fees, such as resort or destination fees (like resorts in Las Vegas). About airline tickets from online travel websites, be careful and make sure you, for example, that you will be able to travel on the date. Sometimes is a nightmare to postpone dates and/or solve an emergency issue when you do not have a travel agent to talk with.GetImage

Pay attention to possible search engine optimization tricks that allow online travel agencies to rise to the top of web searches. You should also be wary of sites that sort by price. The cheapest rate shown typically doesn’t include taxes and fees. If you use or pretend to use these types of websites, have in mind that there are several tricks that you should not like if you knew the real truth.

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