Vanessa da Mata will be doing her U.S Tour in 2017 with performances in September confirmed to Miami (7), Boca Raton (9), Boston (10, New York (12), Washington D.C (14), Houston (15), San Francisco (16) and Los Angeles (17), and just after performances in Netherlands and Portugal on August. One of the most popular and respected artists in Brazil, a latin Grammy winner with a carreer spanning more than a decade of extensively touring songwriting and recording. Her delicate, crystalline voice blends bossa nova rhythms with R&B, pop, and reggae.

A skilled composer, she got her start writing songs for Maria Bathânia, Daniela Mercury, Ana Carolina, and others. Her 2007 duet with Ben Harper catapulted her onto the international stage, and she hasn’t slowed down since, releasing four chart-topping studio albums and several number-one hits in Brazil. Vanessa definitely represents the vibrant brazilian music, and just to name two occasions, she was chosen to be the main artist in South Africa at the handover ceremony when Brazil was officialy announced the 2014 World Cup host. She was also one of the featuring artists at the Paralympic games closing ceremony.

Also in 2014, Vanessa released “Segue o Som” (her seventh and most recent album) with Sony. The album’s title track was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award for Best Brazilian Song in 2014. This album also includes her first authorial composition in English “My Grandmother Told Me (Tchu Bee Doo Bee Doo)”. With her grand arrival at the international stage, this performance will be part of her Caixinha de Música tour. These performances in all the eight cities are not only a debut but are also included in her first U.S. tour. to visit Vanessa official website: 


Event Name: Vanessa da Mata U.S Tour

Date and Time: Sun, September 17, 2017, at 9pm

Location: Teragram Ballroom. 1234 W 7th St, Los Angeles, CA.

For tickets:

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