By Magali da Silva

las-vegas-1051381_960_720When we talk about traveling, usually a very good strategy for we expect a successful trip is planning for it. When you plan an escape to Vegas, preparation in advance for the trip is really the lifesaver because so many people get upset for various and different reasons. Actually, like Cory McCormack (Vanity owner) says, “poor planning is going to mean poor results”.

The city of the lights is always fun, especially for us that come from another city like L.A and San Diego. There are more than 40 super nightclubs, countless of bars and restaurants in Vegas, and more than 40 wonderful hotels that we can pay less than $150 for unforgettable night. But the intention of this article is to guide you for more casino fun – for less!

Casinos can be great places to find excitement, see new sights and socialize. With a bit of luck, you might actually win some money. And with just a little research, you can plan a fun-filled trip at a big savings.

Which are the best casinos in Vegas?

Large casinos are generally the most accommodating for first-time visitors and casual gamblers, frequently called “recreational players” in casino jargon. This large casinos is preferred by those kinds of players because they are more likely to offer the services these kinds of players enjoy including free game instructions, first-class entertainment and gourmet dinner. But the medium size casinos is the best ones for the occasional player that would like to have fun, but in same time, have the best odds for return to home with some extra cash!

In this case, the medium size casinos are the best ones. El Cortez per example features single deck games with $5las vegas minimums, 3-to-2 payouts when you make a blackjack and other player friendly rules that reduce the overall house edge to just 0.2% – that is, the house makes an average of about two cents for each $10 bet, compared with up to 1.5% at other big casinos located on the strip. Actually, the casinos resorts outside the strip usually are the best bet! The South Point just 10min south if you drive from the Excalibur, per example, have some full-pay Deuces Wild Machines for video poker.

Like the slots machines? Usually this machines is programmed to pay out at least 85% of the money they take in, but higher-denomination slots tend to pay a greater percentage, as much as 97% for some $25 and up machines. But definitely, you best bet will be in medium size casinos without much luxury like the ones in downtown Vegas. By experience I can said that $10 slots machines have better odds than $5 machines that have better odds than $1 machines that have better odds than $0.25 machines.

Got the idea? But for not get your money out to fast and make your experience more enjoyable, play in $0.25 machines or even $0.01 machine but triple your bet. For example, feed a quarter in a classic Double Diamond slot and if three “wild” symbols come up, you win 1,000 quarters. But had you bet three quarters, you did win 15,000 quarters. Got it? My last advice would be to reminder you to plan your allowance for bet per day. In my case is from $25 to $50 maximum. Like the tip and this article? I appreciate if you can share it with your friends.

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