vinyl 4808792 1920Sales of vinyl records have increased every year for more than a decade and now outsell, CDs, although streaming far surpasses all other formats. Some audiophiles prefer the warm sound of a turntable to the soulless perfection of digital music. Others enjoy the tactile experience of holding a record cover in their hands or are motivated by nostalgia. Regardless of the reason, records rebound means that old albums gathering dust in the closet may be worth big bucks.

Hot genres include obscure soul and funk records released by local labels in the 60’s and early 70’s, the late 50’s and early 60’s and pre-World War II blues “78s ’- a speed many modern record players don’t even offer.

Records can be sold on eBay, but because of shipping and buyer’s concerns about condition, this often is not the best place to sell them. Extremely valuable records can be sold through auction houses – best. Or you can:

* Sell to local record stores obtain quotes from a few stores before selling to decrease the adds of low-ball bids.

* Sell at a garage sale you might have multiple collectors lined up waiting for your sale before it officially begins.

* Sell to local buyers through listing on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.elvis presley 1482026 1280 e1699922342951

IMPORTANT: Get some sense of the record’s value before selling from my company’s Goldmine Record Album Price Guide. A printed guidebook, or by using online record-value tracking sites such as or

Among the records commanding the highest prices we can mention as examples:

Bob Dylan: The Freewheelin, 1963, Columbia CS-8786. It can be sold depending of the conditions up to US$40.000

The Beatles: Yesterday and Today, 1966, Capitol Records, ST-2553. It can be sold depending of the conditions up to US$25,000.

The Rolling Stones: Street Frighting Man/No Expectations, 1968, London, 45-909. It can be sold depending of the conditions up to US$18,000.

Charlie Patton: Love My Stuff/Jersey Bull Blues, 1934, Vocalion – 02782 78 RPM. Market value: up to US$40.000.

The Five Sharps: Stormy Weather/Sleepy Cowboy. 1952, Jubilee 4104. Market value up to US$35.000.

Vinyls are experiencing their true renaissance, so if you love music, why not to pay attention on this trend and make some extra cash, now or later. Happy hunt treasures!

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