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Instructor Tania Santiago

The Gala Night in Denver on October 3rd, 2019 at Museo de las  Americas open the festival  with special guest performances by Bella Divas and live music by Pagode na Pedra Band.  The location is a leading Latin American art museum in the Rocky Mountain region. This four day festival has performances in Denver, Loveland, and Boulder and is a mix of traditional and contemporary Brazilian culture with focus  in disseminate the spirit and energy of this beautiful country’s dance and music.

Z Viva Brasil Thai Rodrigues

Instrutctor Thai Rodrigues

The festival  will include 5 shows featuring live music at well known theaters and several dance workshops for the community featuring world class dancers from Brazil.  After the openning and Gala Night  the festivities and performances continues at The Nomad Playhouse,  a fine theater in Boulder for over half a century on October 4th; two shows at the Rialto Theater, a premiere performing arts venue in Loveland on October 5th including a VIP cocktail party; and the finale in Denver at Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theater, an important theater for the Afro-culture around the globe, on the 6th.

More than 30 musicians and dancers will perform a repertoire based on popular dances with African origins like Samba de Roda, Maculelê, and artistic representations of Orixas dances from Candomblé, among others, culminating in an explosion performance of carnaval Rio de Janeiro style.

Professional dancers and instructors includes Thai Rodrigues, top passista and member of Ginga

Z Viva Brasil Marcio Peeter

Instructor Marcio Peeter

Tropical, dancer with Carlinhos de Jesus’ dance company and Portela Samba School; Pablo Guerreiro, dancer, choreographer and educator who has several choreography show cased on TV Globo sop operas , both from Rio de Janeiro; Tania Santiago director of Aguas Dance Company and former choreographer of Olodun, a world renowned dance and percussion ensemble in Bahia; Marcio Peeter Makueto member of Ile Aiye ensemble from Salvador Bahia and active Master percussionist and performer ; Lorin Hansen, founder of Samba Fogo Dance Company, and 2x winner of the Female Malandro competition at the International Samba Congress in LA; and Luciana da Silva, founder of Axe Brazil Dance Company and ambassador of Brazilian culture in Colorado.

The festival’s objective is to spread culture and unite communities through dance, music,visual arts, food and theater, as well promoting the rich culture of the biggest county of South America, Brazil. Proceeds of Viva Brazil Festival will benefit the construction of a soccer field for the children of the Fulni-O tribe of Aguas Belas in Pernambuco – Brazil. Viva Brazil Festival is presented by Le Buone Azioni Productions, produced by Luciana da Silva  and co-sponsored by Moyo Nguvu Cultural Arts Center, Inc


Viva Brazil Festival

Dates: 3-6 October 2019
Locations: Denver, Loveland, Boulder

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