Image Event Viver Brasil at Ford 2017 OfficialViver Brasil Dance Company celebrates its 20th anniversary, Friday, September 22, with world premiere performances of “Cor Da Pele,” choreographed by Marina Magalhães and “Para Onde o Samba Me Leva” choreographed by Vera Passos, as well as Viver Brasil’s restaged repertory pieces Orixas, “Oxum, Lady of the Sweet Rivers” and “Avaninha.” The evening features live music by Simon Carroll, Kahlil Cummings with Bobby Easton and Fabio Santana performed live.

These works exalt the Afro-Brazilian ancestral wisdom of orixa dance and music, the socially charged dances of frevo, samba and the bloco afro carnival spectacle. The anniversary concert dance event highlights Viver Brasil’s joy and jubilance and artistic range as the company deeply explores the contemporary themes of race, gender, resistance and resilience.

Founded in 1997, Viver Brasil pursues its mission with bold dance theatre for the stage; Cooking Sambaan interactive performance that brings electrifying Afro-Brazilian dance, music, and culture to schools and community venues; Samba In The Streetsa series of free workshops that teach celebratory Afro-Brazilian dance and music to youth and adults in diverse communities that include conversations about race, equity and social activism; weekly Community Class which provides Afro-Brazilian dance instruction with live drumming; and Dancing At The Source,  the organization’s signature travel program to Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

To read an article by singer and composer Katias Moraes for Soul Brasil magazine with the co-founder and Viver Brasil artistic director Linda Yudin, clique HERE.

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