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i001Brazil is one of the counties, if not the top one, that is well known for its festive celebrations and annual events. In fact, no matter time of the year tourists visit the country, they are sure to notice the friendly ambience and merry characteristics of the locals. For sure for those that will be in Brazil for the World Cup 2014, the experience should be memorable. But if you won’t be in Brazil… don’t fret. Here are a few rules (or steps) that you can follow to feel like if you are there with the other 500,000 or so fans road-tripping to Brazil.

Rule Number 1:
Brazilians love their beer, but they are also quite proud of their national tippler, the caipirinha. Simply enough it is cachaça, a white run, mixed with lime juice and sugar. Enjoy, but mind the kick!

Rule Number 2:
Leave the sauce behind, when it comes to grilling, Brazilians frown upon America’s fascination with barbecue sauce. Hot dogs and burgers is also a no-no as are gas barbecues. All you need is rock salt for seasoning, a few good steaks cooked with the fat, and a charcoal grill.

Rule Number 3:
Wear the Brazil’s team jersey or yellow, blue, green, white or any combination of this colors, and know at least some of the Brazilian players stars names. Tip: Neymar, Oscar, Hulk (yes the big guy!), Fred, Marcelo or Paulinho.

Rule Number 4:
An unwritten law in Brazil grants immunity to those who forget the presence of kids when shouting expletives during a game. Exactly which expletives, you ask? Well…just a tip: two called very often starts with the letter‘P”.

Rule Number 5:
Not watch the games alone. Looking for at least a partner and/or go for a Brazilian spot to watch the games… and get the “whole enchilada”, including drinks and food. Tip: We would like to recommend different Brazilian restaurants and/or bars across Southern California and Las Vegas that have supported this special issue:

San Diego
Brazil by the Bay Restaurant

Latin Chef Restaurant

Los Angeles
Pampas Grill
(Culver City – 310/836-0080)

Gauchos Village
(Glendale – 818 / 550-1430)

Tropicalia Grill
(Los Feliz – 323/644-1798)

Silvios BBQ Restaurant
(Hermosa Beach – 310/376-6855)

Galletto Grill
(Westlake Village – 805/449-4300)

Moqueca Restaurant

Santa Barbara
Brasil Arts Café

Las Vegas
Via Brasil Steakhouse

Boca do Brasil Restaurant

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