By Lindenberg Junior

No Cover Live Brazilian Music Every Friday and Saturday at Pampas in Burbank

Just grab a tray pile on the salads, entrees and meats. It may just be the world’s best fast food for the hungry, the health conscious and the indecisive – at least in L.A area. The original and first to be open is located inside the famous “Farmers Market” on Fairfax and Third street,  and set up as a semi-open air stall.

But does not matter if you are here or in Culver City (second) or in Burbank (third), you grab a plate or to-go container and run the self-serve gauntlet piling up plenty of salad bar options like hearts of palm or marinated eggplant with olives and potatoes then move onto the hot items including friend yucca, sweet fried plantains, cheesy bread, creamy chicken stroganoff, garlic collard greens, stewed fish, chicken stroganoff, black beans and garlic toast.

Just about the time you realize you’ve finish and reach the end of the line, you face up with white-clad gauchos serve up your requests for hot “churrascaria” style meat (Brazilian BBQ). There’s crispy skinned garlic and spicy chicken, bacon wrapped brochettes, chunks of seasoned beef filet, thin sliced beef tenderloin and buttery flavorful lamb you can request rare. It’s a carnivore’s paradise and cooked over open flame, relatively healthy since most of the fats sear and drip away ensuring juicy delicious meat. The whole shebang goes onto a scale and you weigh and pay.

Average plates seem to run from $10 to $16 depending how hungry you are – remember, here you pay “by the pound”! The Pampas Grill 1 (inside the Farmers Market) not serve alcooll instead the Pampas Grill 2 (Culver City) server beer and wine while the Pampas Grill 3 (Burbank) have full bar and also live Brazilian music on Saturdays and Sundays.

For update promotions and discounts keep checking their website at or follow them on Facebook and Instagram. A must to go “Brazilian Culinary Experience”!

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