By Betty Guy-Wills

love 3127973 960 720When we say “I Love You” we are implying a group of words like: “I care for you “, “I really want the best for you”, etc. The “I love you” that you say to a boy or girl friend or fiancée is very much different than saying it to your Mom, Dad, Brother or Sister and even your children.

So exactly what it really means can vary depending on the context and to whom you are talking to.  Also, there are some people who say “I love you” or just “love you” with a kissing sound and don’t really mean it.  They just like saying it and hearing the other person saying it back.

Being IN LOVE means you would rather hear that person’s voice rather than eating or sleeping. You think about them constantly with caring thoughts more than you think about yourself. You want to be with them as much as possible and you are happy when you’re with them. You never get enough of them. Their happiness and wellbeing is YOUR PRIORITY and you would do anything for them to see them happy. You feel that they belong to you and you belong to them.

You can actually feel their presence even before you see them entering a room. It’s like the lyrical line of a popular song, “I give you all of me, and you give me all of you”. When the right person enters your life and really means  and tells you these three words “I love you” your whole life will light up, the air you breathe will be sweet, you will feel warm and “fuzzy” inside, you will smile instantly and be “high happy” like  you are on some kind of drug.

What is the best way to say “i love you”?

The most exciting, memorable way and time of saying “I  love you “is with sultry whispers in a passionate heated moment of  love making while giving your partner soft kisses on their face, neck and other sensitive areas. I know it sounds like lust, but combined with real love, it can be an awesome experience for both parties.

When a guy says “I love you” to his girlfriend or fiancée and really DOES  mean it, he is giving her the right to conquer him completely and he doesn’t really care, he  actually loves the feeling.  Every minute he is with her, he loves hearing her voice, each and every kiss and contact, when she laughs, sighs, even arguments, etc, these are the best times of his life! But his girlfriend may be a little suspicious of his reactions because she doesn’t want to be “fooled or played around” with.

box 3989090 960 720However, if she really really loves this guy, she will believe any and every thing he will do or say. Both parties will never tire of saying or hearing these three words, now and long after the honeymoon. So, let’s Celebrate Valentines’ Day knowing that “I love you” means that I care enough for you to always protect what we have together. It means to want and needing you constantly and inwardly knowing that you have the same feelings for me. Keep this LOVING GLOW year round!


* Betty Guy-Wills is a writer, consultant and motivational speaker on anti-aging and age subtracting beauty.  She lives in Beverly Hills and can be contacted by email:

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